Three vastly different journeys
Each life is something truly unique
Two approaching and one beginning
The third and fourth with plenty of planning

One has started his third set
The other approaching that same set
Myself, I’m ending the era of the twenties
Approaching the years that will now begin with a three

My two oldest nephews, one who is twenty the other eighteen
So close in age, but experiencing vastly different scenes
As the one begins this next set of ten, we’ll see if he truly is a gentlemen
The other nearing that realm of adulthood has a lot of choices waiting ahead

Three lives in different significant states
All with sights on the future ahead to be great
We all have a link to which we can relate
However the way we carry ourselves differs on this date

Each of us encountering a difference in circumstance
With our lives having significantly different plans
Everyone experiences this with those they hold dear
As you hope the best for them as well as yourself each and every year

They say these years are still considered young
However what ultimately develops before it’s all said and done
Comes from these years that society tries to paint are for fun
Importance of improving our knowledge should be at the forefront to obtain further wisdom

The lives ahead for each of us
Need to be lived in a way that’s a plus
The negativity all around is more than enough
We three will hopefully continue to rise above



A frame of time that signifies ten years
Two people in my life where it is now so clear
Two journeys with vastly different pathways
Both of them a significant part of my family

A nephew and a niece nearly halfway through
A tenth year in their lives, with much more ahead to do
Still plenty for them to see and to witness
A life that I hope is filled with a plethora of good experiences

They’ve already encountered many hardships in this block of time
Facing separation and anxieties that seem to be commonplace in these times
What lies ahead within this next set of ten
Can make or break what it is becomes of them

The teenage years defining their adolescence
Will provide them with many choices to test their endurance
Can they maintain their innocence in a world such as this
Or will they succumb to some temptations that will ruin their temperance

Time will tell as they grow
Their lives unfolding with more to show
I hope they stick to the morals they know
As this life goes on with no way to slow

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