A frame of time that signifies ten years
Two people in my life where it is now so clear
Two journeys with vastly different pathways
Both of them a significant part of my family

A nephew and a niece nearly halfway through
A tenth year in their lives, with much more ahead to do
Still plenty for them to see and to witness
A life that I hope is filled with a plethora of good experiences

They’ve already encountered many hardships in this block of time
Facing separation and anxieties that seem to be commonplace in these times
What lies ahead within this next set of ten
Can make or break what it is becomes of them

The teenage years defining their adolescence
Will provide them with many choices to test their endurance
Can they maintain their innocence in a world such as this
Or will they succumb to some temptations that will ruin their temperance

Time will tell as they grow
Their lives unfolding with more to show
I hope they stick to the morals they know
As this life goes on with no way to slow

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