All the pressure on ourselves
Various choices available from what I can tell
Some choose one way, the other a different pathway
Each venture requires levels of succession each day

Education is the focus of progression
Whether or not that is your personal intention
School is put in our lives without hesitation
A further hope to educate the next generation

We spend all the time and work hard
Some choose to stay in, while others draw different cards
Choices fly at us in this life, so don’t hesitate
No matter your views, I hope you graduate

There are many forms of success
Some consistently deal in progress
Others recover from falling into a mess
While all of us deal with passing tests

Take out the whole aspect of a degree
Look around this world at everybody
There are alternative methods of graduation
Everyone looks to overcome difficult situations

You can apply it to the standard definition
Or broaden it to fit within all sorts of missions
People accomplish things of all different forms
Making something better of their lives that was once torn

Overcoming an addiction
Refusing a temptation
Fulfilling an obligation
Maintaining a position

Plenty of ways to portray a specific ideal
Everyone is on a journey to feel what’s real
As you wake up out of a deep sleep
Just remember no mountain is too steep

Put in the effort and the time
You can make it through just fine
Follow the lead of a straight line
Don’t deviate from a path that makes you shine

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