There’s a lot of pressure already for the ladies
But when one is interested in me I have to ask if she’s ready
What exactly is it that I mean you ask
Let me tell you about the hidden task

When committed she’s the prize of my eyes
None other can compare through love or sight
She doesn’t have to feel the sense of worry
Since I’d never cheat considering I don’t sleep with anyone but my wifey

Being that I’ve never been married
You can say I’m the last of a dying breed
I’m not into the aspect of sleaze
But rather a productive journey

Social media clouds the mind
Sharing business that some want to hide
I don’t participate in that charade
So she can rest easy that our secrets are safe

I’m the kind of guy her parents want her to meet
Being a gentlemen treating her with decency
I’ve been an outcast, but never with my family
I hold close those I find dear, so is she ready

That’s the question I have to ask
I’m clear with my intentions that’s just facts
I’m getting older now no time for games
Maturity needs to match up or I don’t take aim

Nothing against where she’s at in her walk
I just need to know I can believe the talk
Otherwise why waste each other’s time
When there’s already enough stress in our lives

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