Poetic lessons are how I can relate
I’m not bound behind any chains
I hurdle the gates in front of me
No longer settling

I’ve tried to hide away from the words
All these thoughts in my mind seem so absurd
Then I look out and see a world that is empty
One that is getting closer and closer to insanity

There are few of us that embed ourselves in positivity
All while actually struggling mentally
We all have problems and doubts
With each of us having different methods of sorting them out

Some take that leap to take the next step
I just never felt it was necessary for me to prep
I only ever wanted a simple life in my own privacy
But it seems that isn’t an option as the needs are many

Too many are falling away being deterred from speaking
When stresses continue to build with no way of releasing
A lot of people are being mislead to their deaths
Both in the figurative and literal sense

It’s hard for me to imagine the horrors many endure
When the fact is that their daily routine involves all sorts of torture
Many think that slavery has gone away as you’ve heard me say
The reality is that it’s more prominent than ever and grows each day

Behind the scenes there are many forced against their will
Being filled with false thoughts, drugs, and pills
Told to do unspeakable things that many find hard to believe
Yet it is happening all around us on the daily

They need a rescue from the things they do
Since many of them aren’t old enough to have a clue
There are real monsters in this world in which we live
So how can you deny that there are demons in existence

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