Ready or not here I come
Back again with lyrical rhythm
I took time off from the mic
But the emails with offers continue to spike

I tried hard to fade into the black
But I kept getting asked when I’d come back
I hid away in the memories of the past
My twenties are gone, life goes so fast

I recently took a nephew to pick up a ring
That has since changed his life significantly
The next chapter to continue their story
A relationship that has brought both of them glory

That thought keeps ringing in my head
A wise young woman once said
“Tell your story”, over and over again
Self centered is something I’ve never been

So to talk about myself seems foreign
As I’ve learned though it’s like a therapy session
All the heartache and heartbreak being witnessed
Many wonder why I stray from connections

It’s simple people will always disappoint
But in turn you can’t ignore the point
Since sharing is caring, I have words worth blaring
As many of us are connected, there’s no need for comparing

So over the course of my time I’m still learnin’
That it’s ok to go ahead and share my burdens
Because none of us are alone on this planet
So there’s no need to hold ourselves captive

Exceed the lines that you draw in the sand
There are many of us out here to lend a helping hand
That world isn’t as negative as it seems
It just gets highlighted constantly by the ones who are unclean

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