I’ve been here and I’ve been there
There’s nobody else out there that seems to care
With each day that passes by
Selfishness seems to be on the rise

Every situation that gets presented
Everyone wonders how it is they will benefit
Not taking the time to learn someone else’s experience
Just glossing over the facts held in a trance

Gobblin’ up what the media feeds
That’s why it’s so hard for us to proceed
We can’t move on with a stranger in the mirror
When none of the information makes things clearer

People often utter a name with disrespect
That is of the One who actually saved them
Everyone seems to disregard the sacrifice on Calvary
Yet everyone still likes things that a free

A gift meant to continue to give
Is a gift that’s always worth mentionin’
Yet people continue to fly away
Tryin’ to be their own pilot each day

As sad as it is that’s why we keep missing the runway
Crashin’ time and time again with new definitions today
What will tomorrow bring, you and I see things differently
Uniqueness never killed anyone, but ignorance killed the Son

So why stress over colors of the skin
When there are far deeper problems of sin
You’re being strung along like a puppet
Drownin’ in nonsense that yields no profit

You know there’s a hole inside, so quit tryin’ to hide
There’s only one salvation that provides a safe ride
You’ve heard the name in various ways
You just have to accept the gift before it’s too late

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