I read dudes tryin’ to compliment women
They continue the with the same lines again and again
Focusin’ on the looks sayin’ they hot
Why not learn about everything else that they got

These days aren’t like the last
It would seem that focus on image should be left in the past
Caress her attitude and personality
Rather than emphasize her physicality

I’m sure they’d rather hear something original
Instead of the same thing about their visuals
Everyone caught up on the digital
Social media and pornography causin’ scandal

The way things are portrayed are fictional
Who knows now though if it’s even fixable
Tied up in the display of imagery more than ever
It makes sense to hear lines that aren’t clever

Why not avoid the pickup lines and be sincere
Step away from the mud and make your intentions clear
Let these women know that you care
Be a gentleman sometime if you dare

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