I’ve been railroaded and laughed at
Lots of people prefer singing over rap
Especially if the one who does it doesn’t perform the act
But again I don’t do it for the attention

So to see me on a stage isn’t significant
You hear what I say or read what I write with perspective
All that matters is that you think on things that are relevant
Debate and opinion are what should result from it

Since we all have a life experience of our own
That’s how we learn the rotation of this world we’re shown
Never get confused with the science
When emotion is how this earth is really driven

Our actions speak louder than words
But the word is what should influence our action
We’re not meant to start the fire that burns
Rather accept the desire that provides satisfaction

Instead of being caught up in ourselves
We should take others off the shelf
We tend to stow away our relationships
Until the time suits us to reconnect

That just can’t happen since it’s better to give than receive
Though as time progresses it seems the opposite has come into belief
No matter what it is you take now it doesn’t go with you
So why not give memories that will always continue

There’s strength in numbers and lonely is defined as one
So if you’re too concerned with yourself it seems redundant
Since success can’t be expressed without others to witness
With that said you tell me where is it you should focus

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