My mind is twisted in several directions
There’s no map that can navigate the connections
GPS doesn’t work despite the electricity
I’m all about the realness not the technologies

0 to 100 real quick, I don’t have time to notice distraction
I’m caught up on the next best thing no time for relaxin’
With each line that gets written
I’m on to the next ten as if it’s a fresh beginnin’

You want a place to reside that’s a wild ride
You’re always welcome here if you hear
Because I’m sure these sound waves
Will be the only way we’ll communicate

Unless you want to read at your own speed
While I’m stuck in my thoughts goin’ mach 3
Intelligently defending the freedoms we’re seeming to lose
While the majority sit back stranded on the cruise

I don’t want to sit and wait until I’m irrelevant
May as well put some ripples in the water to fight it
A couple drops of gasoline to ignite it
While the rest take a rest despite it

Peeling away our flesh one layer at a time
Programming our minds like we’re robotic kind
Well I have news, you still have rights to choose
Choices to make that can influence what others do

Round and round we go like a carousel
Have the times actually changed, not from what I can tell
There’s always been a Heaven and a Hell
With the Devil wreaking havoc tryin’ to lock us up in a cell

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