My style is different, my flow is off
I understand I’m not the rapper that you’d show off
I don’t do it for money or fame
Just to echo a message from one name

We each try to paint a masterpiece
But our lives always end up messy
There isn’t perfection in any of us humans
That’s why we need each other to blossom

To fully reach our potential we need
Need something extra to fulfill the plea
Because many are crying out for love and acceptance
Yet nobody wants to drop to their knees in repentance

A lot of individuals need to see to believe
But are blinded by the fantasies presented in their reality
It’s hard to swallow and hard to grasp
But creation and creativity are solid facts

Intelligence is required to take action
And an action is needed for reproduction
Production is the creation of a given selection
So why is it hard to grasp God’s explanations

Just because His influence came from human presentations
Doesn’t mean that the words carry less significance
The bestselling book of all time
Holds the answers you’re looking for, no surprise

Simply you have something to see, but refuse faith
Despite it being evident all around us every day
We sleep without control of our body
Expecting everything to run smoothly

So why are so many so stubborn to learn
That there is a God who provided a Savior
With that Savior fulfilling His promise to rise 3 days later
Giving us all the gift of eternal life with the creator

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