Deep Waters

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1st Verse:
Far from perfect has it all been worth it
Giving me plenty of reasons not to quit
All the faces in this world filled with emotion
Regardless of what is fueling the notion

Each one has a lifetime experience that’s unsaid
Since not all of them are ones that I’ve met
I’m just an individual, one particular instrument
A tool created for a greater mission

Lot’s of words get shared, but does anyone truly care
There’s plenty of people seeking certain affairs
Wanting to be loved in a way that’s unconditional
But ignore the proper answer because it’s too traditional

I don’t want to be held captive in the moment
A prisoner to my own distraction left broken
Revive the passion inside that makes me unique
So that my motivation can once again peak

I realize that we’re all here for a reason
So if I’m someone meant to help them see it
Use my words and aid my faith to push forward
So it is you Lord that they’ll look toward

2nd Verse:
Each day that it is we awake
Should be seen as an opportunity to make change
Guide us to consistently do it in the right way
For without you God there’s no hope to display

Give us the courage and the strength
To listen, learn, and obey

Help us to become more aware
To pursue you and connect through prayer
So we can always be prepared
To overcome all forms of despair

You’ve lit the path for us all to tread
Now may that light of yours continuously spread

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