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I can see the pain drip from your lips
Each time you breathe and speak
All these dudes creepin’ on you like it’s Halloween
Or some scary horror movie, scene after scene

Going from one relationship to the next
Maybe you shouldn’t be so eager to text
Calling the last one that ended a mistake
Then the next one shows up and you’re quick to partake

Hurting on the inside it’s effecting your demeanor
As you promise that you’ve learned from past behavior
I see all the warning signs all around the globe
Avoidance doesn’t seem to be an option, they say nope

Coloring between the lines with each stroke
But everything is blurry now as the confidence broke
Trying to defend the actions of each situation
When someone points out your former proclamation

Ignoring the advice to keep you straight
You veer off the path to once again experience self hate
What’s the reason for the treason
Why allow for something to break your vow

Rewind it back play it again
These pitfalls in your life constantly happenin’
There seems to be a trend to these problems
So why not analyze the causes

Flip flops, high tops, bikinis, or sweats with long sleeves
What you wear shouldn’t be your hopes to achieve
Allow yourself a moment to grieve
So that your personality can restore the belief

Many others are stranded in situations more dire
Finding someone shouldn’t be your only desire
Tough times have stricken all of the population
You’re not alone, pardon the regurgitation

Are your eyes wide open or shut
The momentum of your life shouldn’t be lust
You’ve seen it too many times to know it’s a bust
It’s time to find somewhere else to put your trust

I know you know it’s time to move
I can see it in your eyes that you want to
So why get stuck in another charade
Get out of this hold before it’s too late

Don’t let the pain make you insane
Repeating this process of stressful mess
There shouldn’t even be a debate
It’s time to advance to a better mental state

Nobody seems to be happy with the cards they’ve been given
Trying to fold before their life really begins
Some just foolishly gamble beyond reproach
Leaving what they’ve built to go up in smoke

I see you clearly each of you listening
You’re just like me dealing with an issue of struggling
As you sit back and chill for a few minutes
The clock keeps tickin’ it knows no limits

Rather than diminish what it is we have left
Why not introduce more meaningful concepts
Adapt to the correct views of caring since we’re all alive
That way our society can possibly be revived

Feel your heartbeat it’s telling you to forgive
Don’t drown in the past actions that you’re sad with
Flip the switch to brighten the days ahead
What you see in the mirror shouldn’t be dread

Wake up to the hope that’s threaded inside
You’ve been built to withstand the rough tide
All the storms circling in your mind
Can be calmed by the one who resides up high

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