With You

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1st Verse:

I need it quiet as I lay myself to rest
This pain spreading in my body is it cancer or stress
Perhaps my soul’s sensitive to the world being a mess
Despite all these tests, I know that I’m blessed

Because there’s nothing to stop my progress
The author of it all already dictated my success
Whether I’m striving ahead or found dead
The work that has been done will continue to spread

As the days go by I sit back and witness
Many people out there losing their confidence
Actions being taken that have no common sense
Leaving a wake of mistakes that make life tense

A plethora of adventures leading to addictions
A myriad of problems producing failed relationships
A great gap of emptiness as they look deep in
None of them wanting to listen to the voice within

2nd Verse:

Can’t you see all the people sleeping
Closed off to reality too busy dreaming
Caught up in the whirlwind of fantasy
What will it take for them to awake

For us to be living for moralities sake
So we don’t get swallowed up in the earthquake
The feelings we express are they genuine
Or are we conditioned to someone else’s regimen

What’s with the lack of security in our mentalities
Are we too afraid to share our own personalities
There’s all this nonsense regarding what’s fake
With the message being portrayed we should break

Why should we listen to those with no inner strength
Trying to lead us down the road where our lives tank
Breathe in and breath out, let go of all the doubts
We need one another for our purpose to come about
That’s why we should all shout…

3rd Verse:

Walking aimlessly have we become zombies
Hungering after the flesh and the temporary
Things that don’t satisfy or create memories
Leading to further aches, pains, and tragedies

It seems we’re stuck in a haze of hate
One of the furthest things from being great
Saturated in separation I thought we left segregation
What’s with the direction of this nation and its education

Flanked by answers to millions of questions
Blindsided by the various given definitions
Love wins and love forgives so let God in
Christ didn’t make the sacrifice for you to forfeit

As we navigate life strangely like a contortionist
We need to abolish the acts of the abortionist
Several children gone now without a choice
So many lost without ever making a noise
Who will it be to relay this message of their voice

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