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1st Verse:
Pickin’ and choosin’ many are losin’
These games that are played are a nuisance
Better be careful what you deem unworthy
If God introduced it then there’s no controversy

Many throw around labels for their masquerade
Tryin’ to disguise their morals that have decayed
Summertime dreamin’ wantin’ to have a fling
Not many left respectin’ the commitment of the ring

Waves crashin’ around in our mind constantly
Leavin’ a treacherous wake of doubts honestly
The more you know the more it all hurts
Exposed to the pains that these evils flirt

Walkin’ around with a smile on the face
As you try to pace yourself for a steady race
Rollercoaster like zigs and zags leavin’ you nauseous
Yet nobody wants to slow down and be cautious

2nd Verse:
Life can sometimes be like a harvest
We reaped what we sowed since it started
There’s limited time for us to experience this
The speed of it all is rather quite furious

Ripe for the pickin’ do you have discipline
Are you exercisin’ free will or playin’ the puppet
In order to mature you need to let yourself live
Not fall into the trap of your choices being a gift

Stand up for what it is you wish, show passion
Don’t be gutted like a fish, by taking no action
If you’ve been blessed with a voice use it
It’s the only way your personality can be legitimate

Use the expressions of your talents to give back
Learn to love the process so you don’t slack
A significant other is nice if you’re on equal ground
So don’t only march to the echoes of their sound

3rd Verse:
We all live in different seasons
We all live for different reasons
Don’t let yourself commit treason
Love yourself so you can be a person to believe in

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