Different shades and different styles
Is the mask you’re wearing really worthwhile
What is it you’re truly hiding away
What is it that you’re afraid of today

Are the thoughts you wish to see excel
Being smothered away because you don’t want to tell
Is the change you want to see
Something you’re keeping to yourself instead of letting it be free

What needs to happen to make you feel secure
To make you feel the voice you have can mature
To be something that can help influence the right progress
What experience needs to take place for you to want that success

If you’re contemplating many ideas, why not share
Allow yourself to show that you care
Life isn’t fair, but we’re meant to help improve situations
So don’t hide away with silence or doubt being a destination


Pleasure or Pressure

What do you feel most, pleasure or pressure
Do you seek more pleasure to ease the pressure
Are you feeling pressure to get pleasure
Where enlies your mindset, your true treasure

Various surroundings persuading us to do one thing
While other forces try to control us through brainwashing
Our perceptions alter with each experience
As we live each day with the world becoming more delirious

Is there any room for pleasure while under pressure
Responsibilities mounting up as you try to endure
The pressure upon your shoulders to move forward
Is the pleasure you’re seeking something really to look toward

With every action there is a reaction
With every pro there is a con
As you depict the different definitions
Is your life an accurate reflection

Chart success

A recent song of mine that you may have already seen posted recently titled “Needs” is doing very well on a music community website in their chart listings. As of this post it is currently at #1 in the subgenre of Christian Rap and #32 in all of Rap. If you are at all interested in taking a listen to help it out or perhaps like it enough and want a free download please visit the link below! Appreciate anyone who takes the time to give it a listen even if it isn’t your style. I feel the lyrical content can be appreciated by everyone despite their musical preferences. Hope all is well for you and yours! God Bless!


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