1st Verse:
Go ahead grab a pen and paper
Write this down and save it for later
We often times fail to see the simplicity
That is existing within our very surroundings

Call it what you want a lack of knowledge
Or being taught incorrectly from K through college
We’ve been numb to the elevation of wrong
Letting it slip through the cracks for far too long

Insensitive to problems that still remain
Since many are far too focused on personal gain
We’re not meant to feel ashamed or be lame
However the actions we’ve taken need to be tamed

There’s a purpose we’re all alive and each unique
If you feel down now it doesn’t mean you won’t peak
There’s a calling card within in each of our minds
Sometimes it just takes a little time

Where do you turn to in crucial moments
Has improvement ever happened, would you even notice

Let the trumpets sound, alert the crowds
That’s right, He is arisen now
Let the trumpets sound, alert the crowds
That’s right, He’s here for you now

2nd Verse:
Knock Knock, who’s there… it’s Jesus
Believe it or not He actually needs us
This is for real it’s not a joke
We need to spread His love to more folks

The message is clear as it has always appeared
Ignore the alterations that took place over the years
A relationship isn’t a one way street
We need to do our part to fulfill the needs

There’s one path that leads to satisfaction
And it may not be the most pleasurable plan
But you’ll be suited for a greater experience
It’ll help you overcome any and all situations

So with all the nonsense that comes in our life
The way and the truth will get us through the strife
Think about how words effect your personality
Now imagine the author being pleased with your mentality

It isn’t enough to say we believe
If nothing really changes, did we honestly receive
There’s a reason faith can live on and be seen
It’s through actions like the sacrifice on Calvary

Let the trumpets sound, alert the crowds
That’s right, He is arisen now
Let the trumpets sound, alert the crowds
That’s right, He’s here for you now

3rd Verse:
Our journey isn’t a simplistic mission
Many people want it to be easy, they keep wishin’
No algorithm can solve the problems we face
Only the gift from God which is His grace

As we try to improve with each given task
We need to remember the right questions to ask
There’s solace in learning the proper facts
So don’t hesitate to pursue salvation’s tracks

In order to open the treasure you need the key
But you can’t find it if you don’t believe
As we lose loved ones joy can be hard to see
So allow yourself the ability to handle grief

It doesn’t matter who you were or where you’ve been
His arms are open wide for you to come in
Not many can fathom a gift being given
Despite the action having already happened

If you feel lost now you may fear death
Since you aren’t certain what comes in the end
The message has already been depicted
The choice is yours on how your eternity is scripted

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