Chart success

A recent song of mine that you may have already seen posted recently titled “Needs” is doing very well on a music community website in their chart listings. As of this post it is currently at #1 in the subgenre of Christian Rap and #32 in all of Rap. If you are at all interested in taking a listen to help it out or perhaps like it enough and want a free download please visit the link below! Appreciate anyone who takes the time to give it a listen even if it isn’t your style. I feel the lyrical content can be appreciated by everyone despite their musical preferences. Hope all is well for you and yours! God Bless!




Click play to listen to the full track or read my lyrics below

We’re all at war in some form
It’s hurricane season, I hope you’re prepared for the storm

Look up and look down
You hear it from all the clowns
Your town verses my town
The idiocy doesn’t slowdown

Racking up enemies left and right
Doesn’t matter the level of fight
People just want to flex their might
But often times it’s all bark, no bite

Given all the violence that happens
It seems clear they serve a corrupt captain
Spiteful vitriol shooting out like cannons
This nonsense is all too rapid, nobody’s laughin’

From the outside looking in it’s so dumb
The brainwash is clearly working as they’re numb
So focused on being superior they’ve succumb
They’re now the bait for attention a bunch of chum

Distractions being created to distort the truth
People plugged in now early in their youth
Grab their psyche while it is still fresh to sooth
Keep their ideas locked up tight like a phone booth

Walking around we see all sorts of drones
And I’m not talking the flying type, but the ones with phones
So embedded into the tech they’ve lost their backbone
Crossing into the territory a rather dangerous zone

It’s all fun and games until death opens the eyes
Ignoring the signs is a hazardous way to live guys
Turning your back on others doesn’t win you a prize
So in rough times when you’re alone it shouldn’t be a surprise

Wake up before you get swarmed
You can’t say you haven’t been warned
That whirlwind in your life
Will cut right through you swift like a knife

Buckle up if you’re on a wild ride
In order for the issues to subside
You need to face the problems inside
There’s no time to run off and hide

Do you have control of your choices
What’s in your head making the loudest noises
The advice you need comes from the calmest of voices
So be sure to ignore the poison and find the joyous

The emotional roller coaster doesn’t have to shake
Let the adventure learn from the mistakes
You can be free from that pain and ache
Then turn around and be someone else’s grace


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1st Verse:
Pickin’ and choosin’ many are losin’
These games that are played are a nuisance
Better be careful what you deem unworthy
If God introduced it then there’s no controversy

Many throw around labels for their masquerade
Tryin’ to disguise their morals that have decayed
Summertime dreamin’ wantin’ to have a fling
Not many left respectin’ the commitment of the ring

Waves crashin’ around in our mind constantly
Leavin’ a treacherous wake of doubts honestly
The more you know the more it all hurts
Exposed to the pains that these evils flirt

Walkin’ around with a smile on the face
As you try to pace yourself for a steady race
Rollercoaster like zigs and zags leavin’ you nauseous
Yet nobody wants to slow down and be cautious

2nd Verse:
Life can sometimes be like a harvest
We reaped what we sowed since it started
There’s limited time for us to experience this
The speed of it all is rather quite furious

Ripe for the pickin’ do you have discipline
Are you exercisin’ free will or playin’ the puppet
In order to mature you need to let yourself live
Not fall into the trap of your choices being a gift

Stand up for what it is you wish, show passion
Don’t be gutted like a fish, by taking no action
If you’ve been blessed with a voice use it
It’s the only way your personality can be legitimate

Use the expressions of your talents to give back
Learn to love the process so you don’t slack
A significant other is nice if you’re on equal ground
So don’t only march to the echoes of their sound

3rd Verse:
We all live in different seasons
We all live for different reasons
Don’t let yourself commit treason
Love yourself so you can be a person to believe in


Click play to listen to the full track or read my lyrics below

We all see the darkness looming
So what are we even doing
The false narrative driving this negativity
Isn’t even being challenged publicly
A sad sight to witness… surely

1st Verse:
They say that treasure is buried
Seems right since love hasn’t been carried
Everyone trying quickly to judge
For some reason always holding a grudge

Mistakes have been made it’s no secret
But why continue the trend with this weakness
Our lives are in need of greater achievement
So why limit our needs with the horrific treatment

Look out around you right now, everyone pleading
Instead of aid though ignorance keeps proceeding
Lack of integrity being shown all around
When will the truth once again become found

We all need to eat, breathe, and sleep
So why does this hatred have to run so deep

Yeah, I know you heard me

We all need to eat, breathe, and sleep
So why does this hatred have to run so deep

Somebody please tell me, can anyone tell me

2nd Verse:
We all share the same needs
When we’re cut we all bleed
These fabricated differences they seek
Shouldn’t be leaving our society bleak

How can humanity be this weak
Color shouldn’t be a cause for critique
Don’t buy into what the mainstream feeds
They rather we fail instead of succeed

Strength comes in the form of unity
So end the hate at every opportunity
Change can happen if we plant the seed
We just have to acknowledge the belief

Look in the mirror tell me what you see
It should be a person, a human being
No need to mislabel the identity
We’re all unique equally

We all need to eat, breathe, and sleep
So why does this hatred have to run so deep

Yeah, I know you heard me

We all need to eat, breathe, and sleep
So why does this hatred have to run so deep

Somebody please tell me, can anyone tell me

3rd Verse:
You can’t tell us we can’t get through
You don’t know what it is we can do
You need to learn and get a clue
We’re capable for whatever we want to pursue

All the doubters, all the naysayers
We’re not interested in being a betrayer
We no longer entertain your favor
You’ll however be in our prayers

Stand aside with the wild ride you bestow
We’d much rather move forward and grow
There’s plenty we can come to know
That won’t deny our lives the ability to flow

The enemy that lies within needs to leave
We need to shed the ability to deceive
We’re now ready to go out and achieve
We should now also always believe

We all need to eat, breathe, and sleep
So why does this hatred have to run so deep

Yeah, I know you heard me

We all need to eat, breathe, and sleep
So why does this hatred have to run so deep

Somebody please tell me, can anyone tell me

Hurricane Season

The full project that came to fruition recently unexpectedly. Was fun to get back into this aspect of creativity. Thanks for your time in listening if you so choose, hope all is well! God Bless!

15 Minutes of Fun

Wondering what exactly that sequence of posts was about? Feel free to take a listen to the words in motion of the entire mini project that happened to be a compilation of ideas to get me back into recording. Thanks for your time!


This song was created for entry into a celebration contest hosted by the producer Dansonn who reached the 100K subscriber milestone on his Youtube channel. This track will also be part of a later album project. We had to enter via Youtube, so I figured I’d post that form of media for those of you who may want something visual to see while you listen. Thanks for your time!


All the pressure on ourselves
Various choices available from what I can tell
Some choose one way, the other a different pathway
Each venture requires levels of succession each day

Education is the focus of progression
Whether or not that is your personal intention
School is put in our lives without hesitation
A further hope to educate the next generation

We spend all the time and work hard
Some choose to stay in, while others draw different cards
Choices fly at us in this life, so don’t hesitate
No matter your views, I hope you graduate

There are many forms of success
Some consistently deal in progress
Others recover from falling into a mess
While all of us deal with passing tests

Take out the whole aspect of a degree
Look around this world at everybody
There are alternative methods of graduation
Everyone looks to overcome difficult situations

You can apply it to the standard definition
Or broaden it to fit within all sorts of missions
People accomplish things of all different forms
Making something better of their lives that was once torn

Overcoming an addiction
Refusing a temptation
Fulfilling an obligation
Maintaining a position

Plenty of ways to portray a specific ideal
Everyone is on a journey to feel what’s real
As you wake up out of a deep sleep
Just remember no mountain is too steep

Put in the effort and the time
You can make it through just fine
Follow the lead of a straight line
Don’t deviate from a path that makes you shine


Live Action: Breakdown

Let’s get creative

The following is going to be some miniscule things that stick out within the most recent Live action ads that were released for the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians game. Their campaign is to #HuntTheTruth with two perspectives in regards to the events that took place. I am going to shed some light on a few things that are so minor they have been overlooked in all the comments that I have read thus far. These are only just opinions and ways to look at the marketing in a slightly different way.

Spartan Locke Ad

Master Chief Ad


When you look at the Halo franchise it is well documented that the Master Chief is the bread and butter, the main character that we all fell in love with… the one that the universe/media is built around. So to us we have come to know this character and much like in real life when you know someone for a long time there is a sense of history that develops with them. In this recent ad campaign the company 343 seems to be tempting our hand to look at Chief differently. Almost as if they are questioning our loyalty to the hero we’ve all come to know over the last 14 years. They are slowly trying to influence us in a way that is far different from the past. When you develop friendships in real life, who is it you believe when it comes to terms of hearing the truth? The person you just got introduced to not long ago or the person you’ve been through countless experiences with?


If you recently saw the two ads were released in a particular order. First, was the point of view of Spartan Locke the new main character that was introduced to us in the past Live action series Nightfall. Within his recollection it was a bit more theatric and played out. With the looming presence of the “truth” and what is the “truth” in your mind it comes as a bit of a shock to see the Chief in the situation he is in during this particular version. Then the second ad showcases our familiar Hero and his point of view of a similar event mirroring what it was we saw previously. The correlation to an outside the box view here is when finding the truth in our lives we often times experience lies, deceit, and distraction FIRST and later discover the actual truth. So to see the first version play out, could we have saw lies to later then see the actual truth second from the Chief?


As you may have heard the saying before the “devil” is in the details. When having two sides to a story not only is it based on perspective, but also right and wrong or true and false in most cases. In the picture of the Halo 5: Guardians cover it shows Locke on top with Chief reflected below him. In the trailers it has Locke first and then Chief. In the pictures since, it shows Locke on the left and Chief on the right. When taking into consideration right and wrong often times you draw the parallels to Heaven and Hell the ultimate view of good and evil. Heaven obviously being above and Hell below. If you noticed in the social media postings they stated with Locke’s video “There are 2 sides to every story.” and with the Chief’s video though it was upside down you saw “There are two sides to every story.” When considering literature and ways of writing it is commonly known that the grammatically correct way to write that phrase is in the second form. Another example of one being correct and another incorrect. Besides if you think outside the box once more to consider familiar sayings there is the term “an upside down truth” and “a downright lie”… could that be what is happening here? Could the above or Heaven be indicative of the “good” view Locke is trying to put on things and the clarity of his video in comparison to the Hell Chief has been through and is in during his perspective?

Another way of saying it is not to judge a book by its cover, which again brings me to the details. Within the videos there were two errors in my mind of the “recollections”. Firstly, the most common one that was pointed out was the fact that Locke was carrying a DMR… but within his HUD it showed a Battle Rifle. The other aspect though I appreciate the symbolism of it all, the statue of the chief was essentially unblemished in Locke’s rendition compared to the second video or even the surrounding environment of the first video. I find this to be another form of “error”. Not to mention where Locke started from being within some form of cover that wasn’t in the line of sight to the Chief statue nor Chief himself. So was the fact that his view starts with him basically hiding indicate that he is hiding the actual truth or being that his view is obscured of the Chief and statue make his view is skewed? Could these details be errors because they are fabricated rather than the actual occurrence?

When meeting people in real life it is all about impressions, being Locke is a newer character to us as stated earlier we don’t have much history with him. As people do in life often to try and improve their image to others… they lie. Could 343 have Locke trying to impress us as fans by sprucing up what actually happened to make him look better than he actually is?

When asking if something is True or False it is commonly known that with that statement or aspect of wonder True is always put before False. When reading it True is left and False is right. However, they keep harping on how the truth isn’t always what it appears as well as perspective playing a role in how things are portrayed. When Chief is laying down at the foot of the statue he is leaning to his right and Locke’s left. When Locke is laying down at the foot of the statue he is leaning to his left and Chief’s right. Is this just a similar occurrence again to how it has been set up with them being placed within pictures? Could that just be the simple explanation for the difference or could Locke leaning to our views right indicate that this is the “right” view, since favoring his left would be toward “true”? Looking closer at the damage to Locke being on his right side and our views left, may that indicate a lean toward making it true with the opposite being portrayed on the Chief having damage on his left and our views right to lean toward false? Remember, not everything is what it appears on the surface.


This is a huge indicator in how someone views things and it always varies depending on the people involved. When you want to tell a story, often times it is human nature to add things to spice it up or make it a little more impressive. It ties in to my saying about people wanting to maintain a certain image with people and often lying to improve the view. If you compare movies to real life, there are inconsistencies in how things actually operate from one to another. Something adapted to a movie can take on a whole different tone and be altered in a way that looks more glorified than the actual grimy experience that may have happened. When Locke speaks within his perspective it is more theatric and a show with his body language as well as speech. The statue is more pristine and the view around him is brighter and more pleasant to the eye. When you go to the Chief’s perspective it is more of a fitting atmosphere for the carnage that took place surrounding them and his vocal delivery is more fluent with the scene or event that just occurred.

The other simpler explanation for the color tones have been discussed to just be the color variant of their visors. It is blatantly obvious that Locke’s is a blue tint with the Chief’s being more of an amber, so is that a good enough reason for their surroundings having the same color tone in our view? Perhaps, because the shadows were eerily similar despite everything else potentially indicating a different time of day.


I believe that they are doing an incredible job with this particular marketing endeavor. I hope that they can translate the high quality of this to the game itself. I remember how great Forward Unto Dawn was only to be semi letdown by the actual game. Halo 4’s campaign did work for me in the sense that it got back to a Halo:CE style, but at the same time was just missing something. 343 has shown that they are incredible at generating a buzz and making content to draw people in. The same professionalism has been lacking within their games so far though by doing a lot of things people weren’t pleased with, not to mention just the shear amount of problems they have had so far on the next gen system. These ads were pretty awesome though and provide me with more hope than I had before in regards to Halo 5. I was pretty set on not buying the game, but depending on what is seen from here on out after these trailers it would seem they are starting to sway my opinion back to being interested.

Thanks for your time in reading, always analyze every aspect of the actual content provided and the intent behind it. As I said these are all just opinions I found interesting that mostly weren’t yet talked about. Feel free to add any of your own opinions or views. I have read through a lot of the youtube comments so far and there are some interesting theories for sure. I could go on more and more, but figure this is quite lengthy enough and showcases things in a simpler fashion.

Dear Feminists,

I hope you all are well at the time of reading this! I wanted to write this to further grasp understanding to what it is exactly that encompasses the feminist movement. I am well aware that like many large “groupings” there are different sectors that have differing opinions and define their priorities a bit different than others. For instance, it is to my understanding that there are some who are strictly in the realm of women being completely independent commonly labeled “man-haters” due to believing they do not need a man’s help at all. There are those who are solely focused on the continued fight of equal rights for women amongst men within careers and other everyday situations. Then there are those who are pushing for a higher standard of woman so to speak. I’m sure there are more sects that can be delved into, but those three make a fine example given those are the most talked about from what I’ve experienced. It is completely fair to say that if you yourself define yourself as a feminist that you may fall into all three or any form of mixture. Given the broadness of the term “feminist”, I know that each individual can define it completely different from the next. So, what is it that you hold most dear in regards to being a feminist?

I myself am a man, so hopefully those who hold disdain towards us can tolerate the questions to possibly shed more knowledge on what it is exactly you would consider feminism to be. Why is it you choose to label yourself with that term? What has getting involved in such a movement done for you in your life? Have you seen a positive change personally and around you since partaking in it? There are many questions that can be asked as I am a curious person who likes to learn more about the cultures around him. However, there are a few points that I would like to go into further where I have found some controversy as is usually the case with any form of societal group.

It seems that when you bring up pornography there is a pretty substantial divide within your community. What side of the fence do you find yourself on? There seems to be a favor for it by some, claiming that it is something that provides empowerment, freedom, or expression. There is also the side that claims it is completely degrading, disrespectful, and treacherous to the imagery of women. What is it that you feel? Are you one of those who stand up for that industry with which some women are making quite a bit of money or are you one who believes it is a type of slavery in a man’s world?

It is hard for me to believe that any woman could call themselves a protector of the gender, while many women are forced to do things against their will within that particular industry. The other factors of looking at differing statistics of lifestyles resulting from such involvements stem to drug addiction, countless surgical alterations, diseases, abortions, etc. I am not one to argue that there are women who blatantly choose that lifestyle as it is everyone’s right to have a choice having free will and everything. My question is what about those who don’t have a choice because of said industry influencing certain types of behavior or underground “industries” that actually enslave women for financial gain? Human trafficking is a huge problem as is rape, if you support pornography do you not draw correlations? What is your counter argument for claiming one is acceptable and not the other? Does it lie just within the realm of “choice” or is it something deeper? Some of the women making lots of money in that industry have said they feel trapped or felt they had no other choice but to dive into that type of career. Does it not bother you that harassment is still so prevalent these days within or outside of said industry? What about the fact that it seems more women are being encouraged to participate in a lifestyle where their body is the focus instead of their mental capabilities?

I see the inner turmoil of the group and continue to wonder how something so prominent can result in such a divide. Is it simply just a case of being so vast like many other groups that there are just so many differing opinions or is it something a bit different since there are no set beliefs to follow or abide by? If someone labels themselves as one of your own, a feminist, are they a hypocrite or falsely labeling themselves if they support something that can be in essence a detriment to women? What exactly is the consensus in regards to how support is given to those identifying as a feminist? How many different options are there out there for women to get involved in the movement in regards to organizations or awareness opportunities? One could simply tell me to “google it”, but as mentioned prior I know each individual defines things a bit differently… so it is my hopes that a response can be given to further learn from a more diverse crowd.

I, personally, am in full support of women’s rights, but prefer those that are in line with a quality moral code. Things like earning wages, job opportunities, work environments, education, etc. are all things with which I can get behind and support. Then there are others avenues that try to portray hatred, when all they want in return is acceptance. Sometimes it can get a bit silly in my opinion, for instance, when I try to hold the door for a woman and they refuse to go through it by either opening a different door or just standing there. I can understand independence and the like, but is it really necessary for those types of extremes? As I said, I would never culminate a singular opinion on such a diverse group. I again, am moreso curious as to the thoughts of those who label themselves as such. Like many other large groupings, what is it that makes your cause different?

I thank you for your time in reading and hope that you will take the time to respond to some of the questions. I apologize for the limited options of talking points and the minimum focus on a particular topic, but still hope that something can come out of it. As stated, I am always looking to learn and what better way that to ask questions that could potentially lead to more discussion. Have a great day!

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