All this time that’s passed me by
I question the effort that I’ve tried
To really be someone who stands out
To be someone who can conquer the doubts
Being there for someone else in a time of need
Without them feeling as if I’m doing it for greed
The society has shifted to taint perceptions of charity
Doing something just to help without an attachment to money
Many feel you expect something in return if you give
Why is it no longer just acceptable to be positive in how you live
With all the people crying out, they shouldn’t be put down in shame
They’re only human at the end of the day
Life is serious we can’t overlook the responsibility
The purpose to truly utilize our unique individual personalities
Perfection is something that many are out there to seek
Little do they know that chase is what makes them weak


Fighter’s Spirit

Some identify as a lover or a fighter
We can fight many things heavy or lighter
As the darkness grows and time passes
Death is one thing certain for the masses
No matter the difference of opinion
That time will come to end the mission
There are many things to prepare for
We do our best to achieve more
Slow and steady may win the race
However it can be tough to keep a smile on the face
As trials and tribulations persist
It can prevent success appearing on the list
Our plans don’t always come to fruition
No matter the amount of education
We embrace different things
We witness different beginnings
Nothing wrong with fighting for love
Trying to continue to rise above
Battling the many adversaries can be rough
But without testing how can we become tough
The motivation to move on isn’t always there
Many lose the drive to continue to care
Life isn’t fair we all know this
But we still strive to experience bliss
Fighting the physical can be detrimental
But fighting the spiritual is monumental
Whatever comes your way and proclaims war
Do your best to conquer and roar
Don’t stay silent waiting to die
There’s a reason we’re given a lifetime
Find and fulfill the purpose
Because fearing death isn’t worth it


Today with all these new “rules”, I’d rather be the exception
There is no reason to cultivate to this nonsense, no exemption
I want to move forward in life to be one of God’s extensions
So that I can further experience his blessings

Many people conform to what it is they think is the new norm
Each time experiencing a form of storm
These waves of emotion tackling their mind
Bruising their personalities each and every time

Depression has run rampant over the public
Everybody seems at a loss to what is causing it
Categorizing it as an illness
Little do they know their ignorance

We can’t solve problems when we ignore the variables
Each algorithm has a set of steps in order for a solution to be capable
Eliminating the centerpiece to the core of our understanding
Will continue to bury all the normalcy and comfort we wish to be feeling


Being alone brings a great peace
Something that is so elegant, a great release
When one is alone physically
You can be comforted greater spiritually
Many people view certain lifestyles as lonely
When you’re never truly singular if you’ve come to know the Heavenly

This life can present quite the masquerade
People wearing many different masks each day
Hiding their true selves to one person or the next
Presenting a falsification of what is really going on in their head
Many seek after what it is they wish to find
Rather than the gifts they should desire from the Divine

Hope hasn’t died, just many people have given up
They’ve turned away from the truth and relied on what they can pour into a cup
Enough is enough, but only they can decide to change
There are those of us who provide the tools to present grace
Just many ignore the need for something greater
Because they get tied up in the fact that everyone has errors
Which should indicate to them the reason we all need a Savior


Peaceful transitions seem to no longer be a thing
There is always some form of hatred brewing
Stating the negative time and time again
When life is meant to serve as something pleasant

Everyone out to get what is theirs
When they don’t deserve anything due to leaving others in despair
Togetherness is how we should view a community or country
Not delegating separation as the mainstay just for the commentary

Lots of words being spout over the television
With none of them discussing the proper vision
The airwaves are tainted with these lines of thinking
Holding us all back instead of empowering the thought of progressing

Everyone seems to be at ease with the flow of controversy
As long as they get their 15 minutes of fame, who’s complaining
People are so hungry for attention we’re now accustomed to mass murder
The world needs help as it is continuing to be in a haunted slumber

This nightmare of evil rising clear as day
Nobody courageous enough to part ways
They continue to embed themselves into the fray
However, all these wars won’t compare to the wrath that will soon come into play


So many today befuddled by visuals
Caught into the whirlwind of the unofficial
Superficial in the line of thinking
When realness is what they are truly seeking
Hesitant in the realm of believing
With the surface being all they’re seeing
Being fooled with the flare
The deception clearly being there
It just appears they no longer care
As long as they can experience
Some form of momentary bliss
Blind to the facts, still chasing satisfaction
All this time lost in translation
Are they askin’ the right questions
Or is their identity no longer of their own expression


Different shades and different styles
Is the mask you’re wearing really worthwhile
What is it you’re truly hiding away
What is it that you’re afraid of today

Are the thoughts you wish to see excel
Being smothered away because you don’t want to tell
Is the change you want to see
Something you’re keeping to yourself instead of letting it be free

What needs to happen to make you feel secure
To make you feel the voice you have can mature
To be something that can help influence the right progress
What experience needs to take place for you to want that success

If you’re contemplating many ideas, why not share
Allow yourself to show that you care
Life isn’t fair, but we’re meant to help improve situations
So don’t hide away with silence or doubt being a destination

Pleasure or Pressure

What do you feel most, pleasure or pressure
Do you seek more pleasure to ease the pressure
Are you feeling pressure to get pleasure
Where enlies your mindset, your true treasure

Various surroundings persuading us to do one thing
While other forces try to control us through brainwashing
Our perceptions alter with each experience
As we live each day with the world becoming more delirious

Is there any room for pleasure while under pressure
Responsibilities mounting up as you try to endure
The pressure upon your shoulders to move forward
Is the pleasure you’re seeking something really to look toward

With every action there is a reaction
With every pro there is a con
As you depict the different definitions
Is your life an accurate reflection

Chart success

A recent song of mine that you may have already seen posted recently titled “Needs” is doing very well on a music community website in their chart listings. As of this post it is currently at #1 in the subgenre of Christian Rap and #32 in all of Rap. If you are at all interested in taking a listen to help it out or perhaps like it enough and want a free download please visit the link below! Appreciate anyone who takes the time to give it a listen even if it isn’t your style. I feel the lyrical content can be appreciated by everyone despite their musical preferences. Hope all is well for you and yours! God Bless!



Click play to listen to the full track or read my lyrics below

We’re all at war in some form
It’s hurricane season, I hope you’re prepared for the storm

Look up and look down
You hear it from all the clowns
Your town verses my town
The idiocy doesn’t slowdown

Racking up enemies left and right
Doesn’t matter the level of fight
People just want to flex their might
But often times it’s all bark, no bite

Given all the violence that happens
It seems clear they serve a corrupt captain
Spiteful vitriol shooting out like cannons
This nonsense is all too rapid, nobody’s laughin’

From the outside looking in it’s so dumb
The brainwash is clearly working as they’re numb
So focused on being superior they’ve succumb
They’re now the bait for attention a bunch of chum

Distractions being created to distort the truth
People plugged in now early in their youth
Grab their psyche while it is still fresh to sooth
Keep their ideas locked up tight like a phone booth

Walking around we see all sorts of drones
And I’m not talking the flying type, but the ones with phones
So embedded into the tech they’ve lost their backbone
Crossing into the territory a rather dangerous zone

It’s all fun and games until death opens the eyes
Ignoring the signs is a hazardous way to live guys
Turning your back on others doesn’t win you a prize
So in rough times when you’re alone it shouldn’t be a surprise

Wake up before you get swarmed
You can’t say you haven’t been warned
That whirlwind in your life
Will cut right through you swift like a knife

Buckle up if you’re on a wild ride
In order for the issues to subside
You need to face the problems inside
There’s no time to run off and hide

Do you have control of your choices
What’s in your head making the loudest noises
The advice you need comes from the calmest of voices
So be sure to ignore the poison and find the joyous

The emotional roller coaster doesn’t have to shake
Let the adventure learn from the mistakes
You can be free from that pain and ache
Then turn around and be someone else’s grace

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