Deep Waters

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1st Verse:
Far from perfect has it all been worth it
Giving me plenty of reasons not to quit
All the faces in this world filled with emotion
Regardless of what is fueling the notion

Each one has a lifetime experience that’s unsaid
Since not all of them are ones that I’ve met
I’m just an individual, one particular instrument
A tool created for a greater mission

Lot’s of words get shared, but does anyone truly care
There’s plenty of people seeking certain affairs
Wanting to be loved in a way that’s unconditional
But ignore the proper answer because it’s too traditional

I don’t want to be held captive in the moment
A prisoner to my own distraction left broken
Revive the passion inside that makes me unique
So that my motivation can once again peak

I realize that we’re all here for a reason
So if I’m someone meant to help them see it
Use my words and aid my faith to push forward
So it is you Lord that they’ll look toward

2nd Verse:
Each day that it is we awake
Should be seen as an opportunity to make change
Guide us to consistently do it in the right way
For without you God there’s no hope to display

Give us the courage and the strength
To listen, learn, and obey

Help us to become more aware
To pursue you and connect through prayer
So we can always be prepared
To overcome all forms of despair

You’ve lit the path for us all to tread
Now may that light of yours continuously spread



Complexion and perception are unusual characteristics
Thoughts that drive the emotions of differing logistics
No matter how hard you may try you feel inept inside
Struggling with how you view the image you portray on the outside

Some of us don’t cut ourselves any slack
Expecting perfection when nobody else even has that
Utilizing every chance to enhance certain aspects
Rather than giving ourselves an ounce of self respect

Fighting with our own views
In such ways that others have no clue
None of this should come as news
Since we’ve all suffered a pinch of the blues

For some reason many times compliments fall to the wayside
Due to the sheer amount of disbelief someone holds in tough times
We’re all in some way shape or form tied together with experiences
Since everyone has encountered judgments that were serious

What we see in the mirror is made up of more than just that image
There are far greater explanations and sensations that produce the vision
Everyone reacts differently to what it is they see
Considering we all think and operate uniquely

How it is we react and contemplate
Will determine what kind of life we create
Each moment introduces a new opportunity
With the future waiting patiently

What will we do differently
Does change even need to happen, not necessarily
The context with which you view is up to you
Just don’t hesitate to be something great by missing the lessons of what you’ve gone through


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1st Verse:
Rolling out of bed, a million thoughts in your head
Responsibilities looming with a feeling of dread
Time doesn’t stop so why should you
Rise up to your feet and continue

Ignore the hate that disseminates
Your purpose is far too great
This life you live is a onetime thing
Don’t let problems define your destiny

There’s far too much at stake
To allow yourself to drown in mistakes
Today is a new day to replenish and reorganize
Fuel up your mind and get that passion in your eyes

Any comments being made don’t matter
Choose to improve yourself for the better
If you let yourself get lost in the chatter
That’s not the appropriate pattern

Make your own way and live
Move forward in order to forgive
Stand tall facing every situation
Become your own version of champion

You’re the editor of your narrative
So choose what you wish to experience
Don’t let the free will go to waste
Your life wasn’t meant to be enslaved

There’s a beginning and an end
So let your journey be immense
Throw away the negatives
Get involved with the actual benefits

2nd Verse:
Many of us have been told we can’t do something
Each obstacle is intense, it goes without mentioning
Emotional warfare seems to be prime
Look around it happens all the time

For whatever reason they want us to fail
For another reason they hate when we prevail
Some people just can’t be pleased
They want the chaos to always increase

Just because they bring forth the storm
Doesn’t mean you need to lose form
The energy shouldn’t be sapped
Your potential is never capped

Power is an unusual description
There are many different perceptions
Regardless you should never fold
Show that you have a heart of gold

Invest in the correct action
That is the true way to satisfaction
Realize you’re far greater than any hatred
Let your kindness be inflated

Nothing should chain your progress
No amount of mess or stress
Get to the pinnacle of the dreams you set
Then proceed to another goal you want met

Awake to the reality of success
It is something you can possess
Allow yourself to always believe
Then go out there and achieve

3rd Verse:
It seems that the topic of many conversations
Are the crippling effects of differing depressions
A battle within the mind that affects the outside
Thoughts that can also fully corrupt our insides

You’re victorious with each and every breath
Whatever the worry, it isn’t meant for death
Re-awake to the happiness you once had and be refreshed
Each moment that passes you’re meant to be blessed

Take back control, you can do it
You have the ability to get through it

I’m Fine

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1st Verse:
How can you miss someone you’ve never officially met
Some may wonder, but the simple answer is adoption
Many out there on one end or the other
Being the growing child or venturing Mother

In my case it never really bothered me until I was older
The time when understanding escalated without closure
There’s a woman out there who did the best she could
Giving me an opportunity that she thought she couldn’t

Once life reaches a certain point many thoughts arise
All I’ve wanted was to say thank you as I look into her eyes
Chances are that will never happen while I’m here
No way to know if the desire to meet is at all similar

Then with as much time that has passed is she even alive
There’s far too many questions now to cloud my mind
Not knowing certain things that can impact my future days
I just wish she knew my life has excelled in a number of ways

2nd Verse:
If you ever contemplated what life together may have been
Don’t haunt yourself with the thought of those past situations
I’ve been there and it’s definitely not recommended
I’m not going to lie, there’s more rough roads ahead

All my life the blood that flows through my veins
Originated from people that never shared my gains
The ones that have been here have also felt my pain
Nobody has an easy life there is always strain

The issues that have come and gone are done
Time continues forward and we’re all underneath the sun
I have nothing to complain about during my run
I’ve been blessed with many quality relations

The accomplishments and knowledge have come along
Giving me the necessary tools to remain strong
I’ve never felt abandoned or lost at any time
God’s plan has proven to produce the most shine

So you can honestly believe me when I say I’m fine

3rd Verse:
There’s never been a doubt that the decision was right
I just wish to have met you so it could be within your sight
My family has been great providing me with a wonderful life
But the thought of your wellbeing still crosses my mind each night

The possibility of further family impacts a person of passion
I’m just naturally concerned about those with which I’m connected
Just because we’re a mystery to one another we still have genetics
Regardless of what may be love has and always will be represented

Despite the person you may actually be
I know the choice you made reflects decency
Someone that has a compassionate personality
A heart that contains kindness and morality

Whatever place you are living out the rest of your days
I hope that happiness and pleasantness went your way
Wherever our paths take us, just know that I’m grateful
And I hope the loved ones surrounding you now are also thankful


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1st Verse:
When I’m locked up faced with struggle
Everyone’s a critic tryin’ to give me trouble
As if the stress of life wasn’t enough
They all want to add their nonsensical stuff

Getting through the days these days
Seems to be an ambitious task to undertake
All eyes on my actions as others experience satisfaction
They think they have everything figured out, all the information

Heaps of responsibilities off in the distance
Many people looking to me for assistance
Advice is something they tend to seek
Then when the tide shifts they hide from me

A barrage of questions always floods the room
With each breath I can feel the wrath of doom
The clock ticks each second getting closer to my death
All the drama around us when will I get to feel a rest

2nd Verse:
My faith has taught me to swim
But there are still times I feel imprisoned
The sense of having a free spirit
Has made it difficult to dodge the darkness

They say that opposites attract
Which is why my light is being attacked
There’s no bushel that can hide the shine
It’s far too strong since it comes from the divine

Hollow thoughts can be a dangerous distraction
Before you know it you become frozen

As the walls continue to close in
My trust needs to remain in Him

With my own ways causin’ this downfall
I need to surrender in order to give my all
The pressure seeping into my skin
My mind is off in all sorts of directions

Too many others showering me with opinions
I just want my freedom to continue to live
Seeking out facts to once again be a benefit
Please allow me to remain separate

15 Minutes of Fun

Wondering what exactly that sequence of posts was about? Feel free to take a listen to the words in motion of the entire mini project that happened to be a compilation of ideas to get me back into recording. Thanks for your time!


An element of stress can make life a mess
So where do you let your thoughts invest
An element of stress can make life a mess
So where is it you look when you face a test

All sorts of options these days
Many people though get lead astray
How is it they allow constant dismay
To dictate what it is they then say

So many mistakes lead to heartache
Causing many minds to simply break
Not everyone is gifted a fair shake
As the foundation they stand on begins to quake

There’s only one form of solid truth
That many decide to ignore from their youth
It’s sad to see how that results in regrets
Leading to a life they wish they could forget

An element of stress can make life a mess
So where do you let your thoughts invest
An element of stress can make life a mess
So where is it you look when you face a test


Trick or treat, I know it’s not Halloween
But with the fake personalities around it fits the scene
You act as if you’re happy for me
However solely focus on the income of money

I just don’t see where that is a big deal
Which is why I have a different definition of real
If this life ultimately comes to an end
Why the need to sit around and play pretend

I understand that the flow of currency runs things
But if you claim that we’re heavenly
What difference does it make since we’re just passing through
The influence I have is what will leave an impact in what I do

So it isn’t about how much somebody makes
Focusing on that is guaranteed to drown you in mistakes
Lust after money is where corruption builds
Look at the greed that has tainted this world

Time and time again we’ve seen aches and pains
All caused by the desires of others to achieve a gain
So you can take that message up out of my face
I don’t care to hear another comment about monetary rates


I got an anonymous tip to flip the script
Just when I thought I was done with this
I tried to ignore the signs and ignore the call
But the rhymes kept ringing with more messages to all

Many perceive but don’t believe
When can we all just experience some harmony
The perspective is alarming over various things
Don’t you too want to see the end of these sufferings

Get away from the color schemes and realize
Even with different shapes and size
We can avoid the lies to observe with our eyes
That the conclusion is we’re all human on the inside

Open your mind and let it flow in
The happier you are the more others can grin
A world filled with sin, nobody will win
That’s obvious truth no matter what country you’re in


If I told you that you’re unique
Would you actually believe me
Or argue that you’re one of many
Nothing special just an object of reality

Purpose escapes the minds of many souls
They let themselves fade never setting any goals
Caught up in certain movements that produce pain
Never allowing themselves to learn about gains

Color doesn’t define existence
But many associate differences
We classify our pets by one commonality
But for some reason don’t do the same for humanity

Hair and eyes have different shades
But still get classified in the same way
When skin color comes into effect
That’s where things are less than perfect

If someone were to tan or bleach, what does that change
The answer is nothing because their human all the same
Look at blood transfusions and organ donations
Race doesn’t occupy the label since it’s a human destination

We’re all the same much like cats and dogs
Amongst ourselves we can reproduce and communicate dialogue
No matter the nationality or ethnicity
The fact remains we’re all the race of humanity

Lies occupy the messages we’ve seen
Which is why many relationships aren’t clean
Tensions have built amongst the populace
Which is why we need to negate the injustice

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