I’m Fine

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1st Verse:
How can you miss someone you’ve never officially met
Some may wonder, but the simple answer is adoption
Many out there on one end or the other
Being the growing child or venturing Mother

In my case it never really bothered me until I was older
The time when understanding escalated without closure
There’s a woman out there who did the best she could
Giving me an opportunity that she thought she couldn’t

Once life reaches a certain point many thoughts arise
All I’ve wanted was to say thank you as I look into her eyes
Chances are that will never happen while I’m here
No way to know if the desire to meet is at all similar

Then with as much time that has passed is she even alive
There’s far too many questions now to cloud my mind
Not knowing certain things that can impact my future days
I just wish she knew my life has excelled in a number of ways

2nd Verse:
If you ever contemplated what life together may have been
Don’t haunt yourself with the thought of those past situations
I’ve been there and it’s definitely not recommended
I’m not going to lie, there’s more rough roads ahead

All my life the blood that flows through my veins
Originated from people that never shared my gains
The ones that have been here have also felt my pain
Nobody has an easy life there is always strain

The issues that have come and gone are done
Time continues forward and we’re all underneath the sun
I have nothing to complain about during my run
I’ve been blessed with many quality relations

The accomplishments and knowledge have come along
Giving me the necessary tools to remain strong
I’ve never felt abandoned or lost at any time
God’s plan has proven to produce the most shine

So you can honestly believe me when I say I’m fine

3rd Verse:
There’s never been a doubt that the decision was right
I just wish to have met you so it could be within your sight
My family has been great providing me with a wonderful life
But the thought of your wellbeing still crosses my mind each night

The possibility of further family impacts a person of passion
I’m just naturally concerned about those with which I’m connected
Just because we’re a mystery to one another we still have genetics
Regardless of what may be love has and always will be represented

Despite the person you may actually be
I know the choice you made reflects decency
Someone that has a compassionate personality
A heart that contains kindness and morality

Whatever place you are living out the rest of your days
I hope that happiness and pleasantness went your way
Wherever our paths take us, just know that I’m grateful
And I hope the loved ones surrounding you now are also thankful


Lost Relatives

It’s said if you have love then you’ll show it
If you hold someone dear then they’ll know it
Living how you feel isn’t always right
But positivity can go a long way in this fight

Each day life grows older
Time doesn’t cease just because the world grows colder
There’s an enemy that ticks with the clock
Which is why you need to build your foundation upon the rock

So many relatives, so many lost perspectives
Some I don’t even know because of my adoption
It’s important to show witness to the grace that I’ve been given
But impossible for me to do it with those I’ve never been connected

In this day and age trust can be minimal
Which is why I need to lean on my faith principles
Trying to trust while in these lands, the effort seems miniscule
However, without some trust you can’t experience the spiritual

Across the globe many live
Across many borders I have relatives
Some who are lost in the essence of spirit
Some who aren’t known because we’ve never met

I hope that each of them has love all the same
That each of them has joy on this day
With each breath that they take an improvement is made
And at some point they’ll accept the gift that gets them saved
So that one day we can all be together through Heaven’s gates

Voice of Christ

When I first arrived it was like a miracle
A little bundle of joy, something special
Carried throughout the entire pregnancy
By a woman who wasn’t ready for me

She felt it fit to give me life
Rather than forfeit it to the knife
I was protected by good decision
The free will to truly listen

Not sure of her story since
Since I’ve been gone through adoption
Born in Brazil, but raised in Michigan
I doubt I’ll ever see her again

The once hope to meet in Heaven
Seems slim as time continues to tick
With how the world is it’s somewhat unrealistic
However, I pray that at some point she once again listened


Though we weren’t together at birth
You were the woman that made me of worth
You raised me from a baby into a man
God knew it would be you before my time began

You were the one to choose my name
You were there when I began to walk
You helped teach me how to talk
You always took me to Church
Ever since I arrived here in Burt

You always cheered for me
And have given me many opportunities
Too many to be thankful for
You’ve always aided me in opening new doors
While also being a great example biblically

You’ve been there with me through thick and thin
When I’d be struggling and had questions
You were always there to give reasoning
To the things that I needed help understanding

You’ve helped me recover from sickness
Encouraged me to take a stand
And always supported me in being strong willed
You still continue to keep your promise
To love me unconditionally taking my hand
Guiding me to a relationship with the Lord to remain fulfilled

I value the relationship that has came
Through our lives together over this time frame
No other Mother I’d rather have at my side
When troubles come and I want to hide
Because you have helped me through time after time

Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do
Words just can’t express my gratitude
You have always been my Mother
Even before those long 18 hours
We were destined to be together
I will love you always and forever

Teresa Da Silva

A woman that I have never met
Yet she did something for me I’ll never forget
This is the name of the woman who gave me birth
The one who introduced me to this Earth

I don’t know the circumstances in which I was made
But she didn’t think that I was a mistake
She showed her views that abortion wasn’t ok
When she delivered me on that late August day

She was young, she was in poverty
I am just glad she gave me an opportunity
Without her sacrifice and endurance
I would have never had a chance
A chance to be here writing and breathing
Allowing myself to grow and obtain substance

It would be nice to see a smile on the face
Of the woman who I grew with
Allowing her to see the product of her labor

Having a chance to meet and embrace
Would be a satisfying gift
However it will most likely never occur

I appreciate the love she showed
To know that I would be better off alive
Rather than become another sadistic statistic

She felt unable to handle the load
But must have known good would arrive
Once an adoption would be finalized

Forever grateful am I for her choice
To be responsible for her actions
So that God could proceed with his voice
In my life, giving me my wonderful family
Whose raised me in the freedoms of this nation
Introducing me to a life led biblically

I often think of my bloodlines
What is it I could do for this woman
Who did so much for me back in time

What other ties may I have
Down in that unfamiliar land
Where I was created and born

So much I have to express
Hopefully someday it will be addressed
Between the two of us, because I am blessed
And if I can provide any help to her
I feel it would be a great honor

I hope she has found peace and harmony
Throughout the time we separated in life’s journey
I pray that she has accepted Christ and is saved
So we are guaranteed to meet in Heaven someday

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