Our mind is a vast place
In this life, we’re not limited space
The brain yearns to learn with much hunger
Give it something worthwhile to ponder

Don’t withhold information
Utilize the capabilities within
Provide meaningful intelligence for further expansion
Try not to end the flow of progression

It is important to continue to broaden our horizons
The best way is through more education
Hit the books or hit the streets
Life lessons can be experienced wherever you please

Just don’t sell yourself short
Quit limiting your potential
The methods are out there for support
Growth after all is a priority that is quite essential

Feed your mind with quality over quantity
Your life and body will thank you plenty
Serenity and stress continue to battle in our brain activity
What transpires daily, will echo where you’d like to see humanity


The Dome

Entrapped under this hood holds a monster
A great wonder that can bring the thunder
Rising above the outside influences
That try to trespass and debilitate progressions

How it operates is unlike any other
The way its configured is unique, there isn’t another
It’s a full functioning piece, but not machinery
Created for a purpose and not that of blasphemy

I don’t exactly know the current of the flow
But it’s controlled enough to maintain its growth
Grace and significance are bestowed within
Reaching for glory to pull away from the sin

Many things swirl, it can get wild
Keeping things in perspective so they can be reconciled
The very definition and identity lie underneath
Within this realm of insanity it seeks to bring peace


Many out there wonder which to let rule
Is it their heart or their mind that they fuel
Both linked in various ways
Both essential for you living out all of your days

The two can get you through almost anything
They both utilize complex aspects to your bodies replenishing
They each operate at all times to enhance your function
While they each share time toward emotional conjunction

Which is it that you let lead
What do you feel controls your deeds
Which one is it that you emotionally feed
As we both know they each have their needs

Consumption of improper materials can darken them both
While greatness can inspire each of their growth
They rely upon each other more than anything else in this earth
Connected to keep you alive to help you experience your worth

The mind pulses and the heart beats
With the heart blood and the brain electricity
Each sensitive and protected from unwanted feats
Having their own forms of specificity

While they have innate protection guard them yourselves, it is important
Careful as to what you allow to have access
Because harm has no trouble causing corruption
No matter what the circumstance

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