Need or Greed

A lot of heartbreak going on these days
With many treating relationships as if it’s a game
It’s sad to hear about all the charades
Since so many are suffering as a result of the shames
Nobody taking responsibility for the chatter
Male or female it doesn’t even matter
Since they don’t enact what it is they’re after
Just rather complain about the way things are shattered
Instead of helping to change the culture
They’d rather continue to get picked at by another vulture
So quick to rush into the next
I’m curious if anyone truly has self respect
If you give so freely that which should be saved
What is left to commit to if that’s their only reason to stay
Patience obviously needs to grow
Awareness and understanding need to flow
These “needs” that many focus on
Aren’t worth your constant dips into depression


Outbreak of Cheat

Why do many feel the need to cheat
Whether its relationships, school, or games
There seems to be a lack of integrity
It’s running rampant, not even close to being tamed

People have their ideas as to why this is
Putting different labels and circumstances on it
There are no proper justifications
Because nobody wins, so this needs to quit

Games almost glorify this sort of behavior
Allowing one to obtain something greater
Feeding the idea that it is wise
To make shortcuts that simply cross lines

School is used as a tool to educate
Cheating, impairs the process to elevate
It’s hard to learn if you never know
Your grades alone don’t allow you to grow

Within relationships there’s no need
If you are feeling that unhappy
Then do a favor for both of you welcoming an ending
It will prevent far more problems than you are creating

Doing what makes you happy comes with a price
Cheating eliminates the ability to ever feel complete
Hard work and legitimacy should be your vice
Not the sense of easy, which will certainly impede your journey

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