Almost everyone is in a pursuit for cash
Avoiding being cordial and instead brash
Nobody respecting the cold hard facts
That respect and decency are what attracts
Everything is more fun with more friends
So within the pursuit don’t treat them as loose ends
Family first is how we should approach deals
Reflecting the love we all hope to feel

The lines of communication have become blurred
Hesitating to connect due to the constant barrage of slurs
Hatred emphasized nightly through various news
When togetherness is the change we need to see accrue
No matter what you say or what you do
Each of us has had difficult times we’ve been through
Doesn’t matter what you think you once knew
Every day presents something new and a radius of change begins with you



Where has it all gone
We went from playpens to swing sets
Now technology has spawned
With it seems the only way to now connect

Face to Face now involves a medium
No longer a day to day occurrence
Many prefer text or a camera
It seems another person has become a deterrent

There use to be activities out at recess
Now many just sit around on their tablets
The kids formulate the next generation
But the parents seem to have forfeited their persuasion

A tricky situation has begun
We’re in a fast paced society
But technology has been tuned for fun
Leaving advancement as a discrepancy

More addictions have sprouted up
More distractions have made it tough
More problems have since developed
With humanity further lacking love

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