I know that our love hasn’t met
But everything about you is hard to forget
The laugh, the speech, the smile, the meet
All of you has me on the edge of my seat

I can hardly wait each day to experience you
A longing that was gone the last I knew
But you’ve revived that essence of connection
Giving me hope once again to develop certain affection

Delivering a calm in the storm
Your very presence brings forth the warmth
An innocence long lost in this generation
The very elegance of rareness is within your foundation

Every aspect of you is of interest
That’s why this feeling of mine persists
An adventure awaits for us to learn more
I can hardly wait to encounter what’s in store



Thinking about this lady
She’s driving me crazy
But in a good way
On my mind all day
Even through yesterday
And probably the next days
The sight of her is on replay
Highlights in my mind
The way her smile shines
Gracious each and every time
I’m shocked and stunned
Never did I imagine this run
I thought these days were over
What is going on here
I’m left clueless
This is all most likely useless
For whatever reason
I’m in a youthful season
Drawn to her, I don’t know why
Time to shut it down though… goodbye


I stand at this ancient mosaic
Feeling free as if I hold no weight
It is beautifully made but also archaic
What is this glorious structure of fate

I examine what appears to be a barricade
Unsure of these emotions that came
My mind in a fix so I begin to pray
I call out to the one and only name

It opens exposing a bright light
I am astonished at the sight
Engulfed in this presence of peace
The light doesn’t seem to cease

I can’t help but begin to think
What is this form of splendor
I’m unable to blink
My vision too caught up in this treasure

Unable to completely measure what transpired
It is almost as if I am wired
This doesn’t seem real, but I’d rather not escape
Everything is coming together beginning to take shape

More questions than answers continue to arise
Fragment after fragment being presented from my mind
In due time I realize that I’m suppose to analyze
Like a puzzle it’s all coming together though much to my surprise

The fact of the matter is it’s all open here
Nothing to prevent it from coming into the clear
No more human element for it to fear
The gates have fallen allowing it to appear

What is this it and what purpose does it serve
I can’t seem to shake the attention it deserves
Why have I blocked this all away in the past
Another lesson to be learned so I can acquire some contrast

It appears evident that this is important
This anomaly presenting me with a pathway
A direction to seek and a seed to plant
A mission to fulfill and a journey to take Christ’s way

Tearing down the gates of distraction
I never knew what I came to ignore
I can’t hesitate to take positive action
As it can result in the opening of a unique door

Surrounded by this ecstasy
This notion has been riveting
A clear message being delivered
The solace I need to continue resides within God’s word


We try to find ourselves daily
Facing problems on the regular
It isn’t about what they make us see
But how we confront their dare

We can say things that hold definition
Yet not mean a single word in relation
No matter the height of the situation
There’s something that drives our elevation

We have growth and prosperity
All the while going through life struggling
This life is only temporary
So what is it that fuels your destiny

We’re all well aware we aren’t alone
You can always connect to someone
Computers, face to face, games, and phones
All this noise continuing on until our life is done

So many focus on only what is fun
Others drown in their work trying for success
The result of both is they end up on the run
Cause they find themselves empty in a mess

When our heart pumps it’s an extension on living
Giving a necessity to the rest of our figure
This Earth around you relies on you giving
Since you’re a specimen that provides a unique adventure

Just like many aspects make us a whole
We too contribute toward an overall goal
Life sustains from one to the next
So what is it for you that makes it less complex


When I looked into her eyes
I could see the sparkling ocean
Along with the depth of the skies
It was then I was filled with varying emotion

I could see all the possibilities
What it was she claimed to be her dreams
All the goals she accomplished
All the rest she had yet wished

The glorious wonders of her mind
The beauty which was indeed her design
The essence of all that was kind

Nothing mattered in that moment
I felt peace away from the torment
It was about what was within
Not anything physical such as the skin

I was lost in the grip of this trance
That I ignored the warmth in my hands
The blood that I had lost
Which undoubtedly will have my life as the cost

She gave me that additional grace
While our time flashed in front of my face
It was wonderful time spent
So sad that it is now coming to an end
One day though my love, we shall meet again

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