Awake To Reality

(Listen to/Read the Full track here) “Awake To Reality” (Feat. Crucial-Fix)

I can hear the world snorin’
The media like anesthesiologists
Makin’ us numb to our surroundings
Can we wake up in time to overcome it?

We all have fifty shades, but not just grey
We all make mistakes and face heartache
Yet still chase after all the fantasies
We need to take a step forward and awake to reality

We all have our secrets and many dislikes
We need to get back our manners, like ridin a bike
Quit chasin’ after all these fantasies
Bypass all the distractions and awake to reality

(2nd Verse)
Goin out everyday for a new high
I wave goodbye to my home and sigh
Out to find another drug to fill this addiction
To find another woman to get in bed with

You know I’m kiddin, but many think that’s life
Going about with reckless abandon, no true sight
They antagonize those livin’ with a mission
All for the purpose of feelin wasted

You get one chance, one life, one shot, one time
This isn’t suppose to be for fun, that’s not the sign
You’re here as a visitor, so this I implore
You kick down the door of mediocrity and begin to soar

Not into the charade of mistakes that you’ve made
But a true calling so one day you can celebrate
A life well lived with all those you now miss
First things first though you have to step out of the ignorance


Last Round

(Listen to/Read the Full track here) “Last Round” (Feat. Crucial-Fix)

Facin a battle unlike any before
You’re inchin closer to death’s door
The fight looms within your own story
Will you resist or pursue glory

Facin a battle unlike any before
You’re inchin closer to death’s door
It’s the last round, times a tickin
Will you turn away or accept salvation

2nd Verse:
You see this life she’s living wasn’t what she always knew
Back in the past as a kid it was far different when she grew
Now caught up in a lifestyle that’s opposite of her mother’s wishes
It all began at the loss of that mother, who she thought was in remission

It was a slippery slope lookin for a love to fulfill the gap
The next thing you knew drugs and sex rolled in fast
Like the sound of a clap it happened far too quick for her to grasp
It was almost as if her life was suddenly kidnapped

Her phone constantly off the hook cause she wants to hide
The requests rollin in for her company and it isn’t to dine
Lost in this explicit sight of a life she struggles to have the might
In order to leave this cess pool in which she took a dive

A weird feelin in her belly now resides, she knows what it is
A life, an escape, a new reason to live and overcome this
She remembers the love of her parents and the faith they had
Hopefully this sudden change will inspire a desire to once again be glad


[Listen to/Read the Full track here] “Radiate” (Feat. Crucial-Fix)

1st Verse:
Alert the presses I’m cloaked in crimson
Not my own blood, but the one that dawned salvation
I sifted through what this world thought I should do
Time and Time again its evident they have no clue

Biblical prowess I’m given a unique perspective
You grasp onto money, sex, and false worship
Ridden with diseases all because you want a release
Pleasure isn’t worthwhile, but temporary like living

A facet of the imagination so cyclical and subliminal
One has to wonder can there be somethin’ original
Or will the droves continue to conform to idiocy
You see we’re goin’ down in a spiral, it’s time for quarantine

People take freedom in the wrong context
I say this because some say speech relates to adult flicks
How can people be so blinded in their everyday
Then require sight in order to have an ounce of faith

3rd Verse:
It makes no sense the contradictions I witness
A land built in suspense, good will needs to be harnessed
You criticize me for spreading hope and cheer
As you sit there confused drownin’ yourself in fear

You associate hypocrite with the title Christian
It’s no wonder cause many simply aren’t livin it
Many say that they are saved, only to deny His name
This isn’t a game life is fragile and you’re one in the same

Tolerance isn’t a question or even a requirement
Everyone makes mistakes and needs some betterment
There is good and evil, right and wrong
Wake up to the reality please by the end of this song

Go ahead call me a sheep I don’t really mind one bit
I’m lead by the good shepherd who will never quit
I’ve been found and won’t be held within this ground
I hope you too will rise when judgment comes around

Somnium (Feat. Crucial-Fix)

Somnium (Feat. Crucial-Fix) (Listen here)

verse 1(Crucial-Fix):
rewind through your life do you see regret or satisfaction?
when you’re standing at the pearly gates tryin to explain your actions
Do you think that you took His words and gifts straight to your heart,
Or do you think he’ll say that your life really kinda fell apart?

It’s all about the choices that we make, and the chances that we take
whether we’re strong or break has to do with our faith
and if we’ve strengthened it then one day we know we’ll be saved
Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, prayin so loud that Heaven can hear it
The true meaning of hypocrisy, is treating people unequally, saying you are better than me
or using people disrespectfully
for people on earth there should be, no human hierarchy, no country’s royalty
leave that up to our deity, our holy Creator only ruler, and the one that they call G. O. D.

Hook (Sir Pure):
You may hate me
Try to debate me
And think poorly of me
Wantin to persuade me

But I refuse conformity
Cause it isn’t about me
I’m after something Heavenly
The essence of morality

2nd Verse (Sir Pure):
You applaud sexy
But support objectivity
Caught in a fantasy
Runnin from reality

Can you just not see
You’re bein demeaning
Likin what’s addicting
Doesn’t show responsibility

We say we’ve moved on
Yet continue to see slavery
Tryin to hide our indiscretion
With a nation caught up on money

Many thinkin they’re a new Webster
They’re own personal dictionary
Redefinin words like a jester
Despite knowin they’re contradictory

One nation under God, the one to pursue
To Christ you should surrender all
Not to the temptations that consume you
Without Him you’re destined to fall
So listen to His call, He can lead you through
There’s nothin that He can’t do

Hook (Sir Pure):
You may hate me
Try to debate me
And think poorly of me
Wantin to persuade me

But I refuse conformity
Cause it isn’t about me
I’m after something Heavenly
The essence of morality

verse 3(Crucial-Fix):
It’s the point we missed, when we took God’s gift, and threw it away like a played out script
when I was a kid everything was flipped, what’s going on with relationships?
cause now thing’s changed, they’re rearranged, everything is different nothing is the same
I don’t even know how to play their game
I don’t even think guys show any shame
Quite despicable, so predictable yet if we hit now it’s quite (Cruci)-Fixable
take a look at the holy crucifix, stay away from the 666, stop using people just for kicks
and look for a lasting love that sticks
something’s wrong now we both agree, what ever happened to chivalry?
it must have been killed in a painful way cause it did not die just peacefully
so what really happened? that’s why we’re trappin’
and comin after all those people who’s braggin
about their number and not about their love
there’s angels on earth, and angels above
don’t fling stones at the people so pure that their wings are as white as the new born dove

Hook x2 (Sir Pure):
You may hate me
Try to debate me
And think poorly of me
Wantin to persuade me

But I refuse conformity
Cause it isn’t about me
I’m after something Heavenly
The essence of morality

Closing (Crucial-Fix/Sir Pure alternate):
Is it your wants or needs to which you adhere?
Are you driven with purpose or by others wishes?
What feelings come to mind when you look into the mirror?
Will you edify or destroy the rest of your existence?

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