The Lost

When they tell you that you’re worthless
And that you have no purpose
They aren’t jealous or even over zealous

Just lost

When they belittle your accomplishments
Accusing your progress of having insignificance
They aren’t right, they may possibly be looking for a fight

But still… just lost

Calling you different based on a pigment
Classifying something with ignorance
Doesn’t make them correct no matter their dialect

Just lost

When they try to abuse you
No matter what it is you do
That shows hatred is around and no love is found

So pray for… the lost



There are those out there physically disabled
Looking different than most, but still mentally capable
Then there are those that look “normal”
But in their head functionality is minimal

The fact of the matter is some lack certain abilities
Each individual still lives within humanity
Special care and treatment are often utilized
But far too often assumptions are made that need to be despised

Discrimination and mistreatment run rampant
It’s a shame to see those who are in need
Get turned away as if their life is absent
It seems there are no limitations for terrible deeds

Wrongful judgments and abuse worldwide
Violence spreading further and further
Horrific acts crossing all borderlines
When will we all act to end this and quit being lurkers


Put us in water, we are all wet
Put us in fire, we all burn
In order to live we all need that next breath
We’re a lot alike as this world turns

Despite the segregations and stereotypes
Humans are one race, one kind
Don’t get caught up in the hype
Open your hearts and recognize the signs

We all have been born and entered in naked
We’ll all die at some point in time
We all need our vital organs to live
The facts are there without the grime

Hatred is learned and developed
Simply put, there’s no real need for it
Love can conquer all things and be felt throughout
Let it resonate within your journey to silence all doubt

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