Eyes Open

I am frankly quite tired of seeing the negative ways that women are being treated today in our world. Every country has their faults; then again many of those faults are similar to a certain degree. When we as males are looking at the opposite gender for the sole purpose of personal pleasure, there has to be a line drawn. There are far too many women out there dealing with harassment, abuse, and sexual assault. The fact that there are so many different forms of those three descriptions is becoming quite alarming. I can’t tell you how many different women I’ve met in passing that can tell a story of experiencing at least one severe form of negative behavior from a male. In this day and age it seems the characteristics considered as “being a man” are far from what they actually should be.

I am at a point where each day I can’t help but consciously think about all the negative acts that are occurring somewhere that have negative effects on a woman. I see creative campaign after campaign trying to stress the importance of stopping things such as sexual assault, abuse, and harassment only to quickly fade away. To raise awareness on these types of societal problems is always great, but persistence is what should really take place when conducting such an operation. The other issues I see with these types of endeavors are that the people being used to push them don’t utilize the status they have to address more of the underlying problems. There are blatant roots to the development of the mindsets and actions that are being taken, which are being left alone allowing this trend of horrific behaviors to continue.

Many males out there today try to call themselves “men” when in fact they are nothing but cowards. Story after story of domestic violence is being portrayed over various media outlets. There isn’t a day that goes by where someone isn’t being trafficked against their will for means of sexual exploitation, which operations such as those are primarily ran by males. You see time after time marriages and relationships ending due to cheating, dishonesty, or lack of effort all of which are stemming from immoral acts such as lust or addiction. I’m not saying that women aren’t guilty of similar antics when it comes to cheating, dishonesty, violence, harassment, abuse, or lack of effort. What I am saying though is that we as men need to correct our values and treatment of women so they can once again feel comfortable and protected as a whole. Seeing men point the finger at women trying to pass blame rather than take responsibility is another variable where cowardice truly shows. As time has passed it is almost as if women have been forced into replicating certain negative behaviors at times just to survive. As stated prior, the view of women falling primarily in relation to forms of objectivity is out of control.

If you have yet to notice there is a great deal of surprise when an act of kindness is shown these days, no matter what the relationship is with the other person… known or stranger. Much the same the acts of being a gentleman and viewing forms of chivalry or courtship are almost long gone. These days there isn’t much of a distinction between the two genders with which is seeking sexual interaction more within a normal social situation. However, it wasn’t all that long ago where men were widely considered the aggressor when it came to that form of pursuit. With the growing problems that propose sex being of utmost importance there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for things like harassment, abuse, and sexual assault especially with the rapid growth of more and more social media outlets. The voices much like mine that are tired of seeing these mistreatments prosper within societies are being overshadowed by the masses who are simply ignoring the origins of such issues and allowing them to grow. There are many that would rather continue to overlook the problems and allow certain lifestyles to remain under the guise of wrongful definitions rather than spark the necessary change. Not truly knowing the extent to which some of these things are happening I believe is another hindrance for the proper change to take place. Without there being much done to end some of these methods that stem such behavior… it would sadly appear that there will be plenty more lives affected for the worse.

With that said I am continually sorry to those who have gone through or are enduring these terrible experiences within their lives. I am also sorry for those who feel conducting these horrific acts somehow makes them a stronger or more powerful person rather than a scumbag. We as men are meant to protect, love, and respect women NOT harm, disown, and mistreat them.



I’m a man, so to me
There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman
The splendor and elegance is amazing to see
All over the world native and foreign

It’s not all about the looks
All of them are unique
Differing cultures and styles, many hooks
A plethora of wonderful personalities

Something so precious and serene
I’m left speechless when I really think
Women the most pleasant gift, the ultimate dream
Their value rises in my eyes with each blink

So for me it’s hard to imagine the nightmares
The problems many are introduced to
How a man could only pretend to care
Expressing harm, instead of a love that’s true

Each person has their own theory
Some blame fallacy, I blame correctly
There is free will and obvious choice
What is it that represents your voice

Inexcusable acts of objectivity
The rise of those sentiments and their popularity
An endeavor to take, rather than to give
Pursuing things that are so short lived

I’ve risen and have been committed
I won’t conform or give in
My moral character will remain intact
I’ll keep moving along to influence a positive impact

Judgment isn’t mine to make
But there are far too many mistakes
A person is a person, not a form of slave
We all eat, drink, and breathe before the grave

Nobody deserves violence or slander
There are already enough types of anger
Don’t give in to the pressure
Please live life with a loving demeanor


All the women out there facing heartache
I stand by hearing their pain, my heart breaks
Feeling as if they need to be something they’re not
All for the reasons of a man, who doesn’t know what he’s got

The women mistreated and tossed aside
I hate hearing the stories of this worldwide
As if they get used up or lose their worth
When the man is acting like the scum of the earth

I hold steady to the given facts
There is a catalyst that’s still intact
The notion of disrespect and despicable acts
Continuing to add when they need to subtract

Some of the stuff leaves me speechless
How can it all carry on when it’s so demeaning
When did it become normal to teach this
As society doesn’t seem to be intervening

The fact that it happens without change
Expresses a culture that brings me rage
How so many allow this to be
Shows a lack of strength to end this negativity

Terrible things happen, this I understand
But when will there be a wave of action
A movement to actually love instead of abuse
An era that tries to heal instead of bruise

The emotions of women going through a shredder
Is a pitiful way for a man to claim he is doing better
The scars are running too thick
The adoption of morals needs to happen quick

A mind state that doesn’t seem to resonate
Is the one where we need to treat others great
It’s not hard to be dedicated or educated
Which is why the masses need to realize these problems should be evaluated


It happened when He walked the Earth
Still now to this day they devalue His worth
The truest expression of love ever given
The definition of sacrifice being purpose driven
Wrongfully accused through invalid accusations
Still on this day His name is ridiculed with inaccurate correlations
They want to label His word how they see fit
Without ever understanding the actual meaning of it
So sad that their misconceptions bury their intellect
Cause when they’re dead I’m sure they’ll wish they showed some respect
Regardless of their hatred, I’ll continue to pray for them

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