There lies a treasure trove
Hidden within a deep cove
Many don’t know it’s their own
Since it has never been shown

We all have traits within
Dreams that seem thin
The answers that lie beneath
Are waiting to become seen

It may take a little time to find
That’s why we expand our mind
Learning the pathway to navigate
What it is that makes us great

Each unique as we never peak
Don’t sell to yourself that you’re weak
Time moves forward and so do we
Obtain the treasure that sets you free



What is hope without love in the brain
What are friends without memories being made
What is truth without learning along the way
What is life without others involved in your day

Many questions and contradictions on the Earth
Just know your story has some worth
Nothing can compare to who you are
Because nobody else has your scars

No matter what, everyone has issues
Pain is part of the process so don’t let it surprise you
With gain there is loss, but it comes at what cost
The healing is always free with the gift from the cross

Let your experiences speak inspiration
Let joy shine bright in all situations
Let your words reflection compassion
Let kindness flow within all your actions


We all have a different grasp on reality
We all have a different description of fantasy
When it comes to our lives we’re all unique
We all set forth different goals and dreams

If they were all the same this planet would be boring
The disdain towards difference in some way is growing
When many aspects should be celebrated in knowing
Many chase success through one definition and their progress isn’t going

Lots of people coming out describing depression
When it’s the hole in their hearts that’s causing the session
If they don’t have a belief to achieve
Then how can they ever experience a feeling that is gratifying

So many people these days feel like nothing
Society encourages that thought in certain ways, it’s disgusting
Cultures may vary as well as skin tones, but humanity is the same
Intelligence didn’t come from nowhere and life isn’t a game

Languages provide the element to communicate clearly
But we’ve lost the vision of togetherness and it’s costing us dearly
We’re not meant to be the same, it’s like a puzzle
We’re all different pieces to the bigger picture of this hustle

Each person has a purpose and should dream beyond sleep
This life isn’t meant to be wasted, but to help provide meaning
Expression is key to the stream of this river of time we’re experiencing
Wake up and begin listening don’t flood with issues, but rather help flow positively

You may be down, but you’re not out
Despite what may seem like a valley of doubt
Those elements that resemble a drought
Can indeed be quenched by an everlasting fount

Everyone has problems, that’s why we’re here together
Nobody is ever alone in their endeavor
Formulate memories and create bonds for the adventure
Time goes quick, this life doesn’t last forever

Broken Dreams

Listen while you read here

1st Verse:
Everyone out there workin’ hard
Gettin’ that money for a house and car
So many wantin’ a form of fame
Anything for millions to know their name

They sell themselves to the highest bidder
Whatever it takes to reach the top quicker
No real sense of safety or morality
Just the rush to get the status of celebrity

Too many these days forfeit what they love
Because it doesn’t get them riches they heard of
It’s a sad sight to see them give up the fight
The reality of a crushed dream and no delight

Lots of people don’t even put in the effort
Due to the fact they feel they have no worth
Those feelings of regret begin to creep in
Without ever allowin’ themselves to begin

It’s not a one way street of guarantee
But without tryin’ who knows what they’re missing
There needs to be a little more belief
So their lives aren’t robbed by self pity

Hook (x2):
A lack of confidence, a low self esteem
The pursuit of happiness gone to the broken dreams
Re-evaluation needed to get back clean
Keep hope alive to overcome the obscene

2nd Verse:
So many young women with beauty
Feelin’ as if sex appeal is their duty
So many aspire to get into modeling
But end up in the realms of pornography

Some truly seek to be genuinely classy
But can’t control the costs of entry
There are those forced into human trafficking
The last thing they wanted was slavery

The fact that this rampant objectivity
Is closing the door on more dreams
By creating nightmares for many ladies
Diminishing lives and their priorities
It’s sickening to say the least

I can’t fathom the amount of betrayal
Lookin’ in the mirror as a different portrayal
The life they once dreamed for
Is being treated like trash thrown out the door

By stayin’ smart with their decision process
Many more can avoid all of those losses
They just need to be educated of the signs
To know they’re not destined for that type of decline

Hook (x2):
A lack of confidence, a low self esteem
The pursuit of happiness gone to the broken dreams
Re-evaluation needed to get back clean
Keep hope alive to overcome the obscene

Don’t get trapped
And don’t hold yourselves back
This life doesn’t last
So get your dreams on the right track


I’m held in place by God’s grace
With Him I’ll never deteriorate
Through Christ my sins are forgiven
Sanctified by Him from the beginnin’

I walk forward in this life to end strife
Provide some comfort and insight
I don’t have all the answers, I too ask questions
Regardless though I’ve learned a lot from my experiences

Looking out into the lives of the masses
It is easy to learn, no need for any classes
Situations are dire and many are in need
Plenty caught in addictions at crazy speeds

I’ve never claimed to be better
If anything I’ve admitted I’m a sinner
That’s why I need forgiveness from the creator
And with His help, I’m constantly working to improve my character

We all need aid, which is why we seek love
We’re not supposed to be alone in the battle
Consider what it is you’re a part of
Because with this one life it’s easy to get rattled

Provide yourself a little hope, whatever your background is
Today could be the worst, but tomorrow could be bliss
Never give up working toward your goals and dreams
The illusions of failure are not what they seem

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