All these feelings dwell
All these emotions swell
I can hardly even tell
What’s bad and what’s well

What will come tomorrow
I hope it’s no longer sorrow

1st Verse:
All these people around the globe
Seeking recognition through likes and follows
What they fail to realize is even those with them
Still feel the sense of emptiness within

I see it all the time those receiving attention
Remaining in a state of indecision
Always craving more than what’s in store
Leaving themselves caught in an infinite chore

Many people there to build up their attitude
Yet they still feel depressed to a high magnitude
It’s all smiles, laughs, and gratitude in sight
But then they admit just how hard it is to fight

It takes a lot of courage to bare it all
And it takes even greater strength to stop the fall

All these feelings dwell
All these emotions swell
I can hardly even tell
What’s bad and what’s well

What will come tomorrow
I hope it’s no longer sorrow

2nd Verse:
There are many women victim to addictions
And it isn’t even their volition, but another’s perversion
A sad state of affairs that leaves many in despair
With many feeling too afraid no one cares

We see it all too often harassment and violence
These people don’t deserve to sit in silence
At the same time the root cause is slipping away
As we continue to allow morals to decay

Many think certain approaches are ok
When it really only attaches a bandaid
If you want the cure you need to hit the source
Which for some reason is debated away of course

Look at the masses of survivors reaching out
We need to realize the true evil that needs to be taken down

All these feelings dwell
All these emotions swell
I can hardly even tell
What’s bad and what’s well

What will come tomorrow
I hope it’s no longer sorrow

3rd Verse:
It seems there is truly an outbreak
Nobody forgiving themselves for past mistakes
Saturating their current mind state
With elements that they can’t change

What’s done is meant to be learned from
So why are so many limiting their options
Not giving themselves a chance to move forward
Instead deciding failure is what they’ll go toward

It’s heartbreaking knowing so many doubt
Constantly putting themselves down
I wish when I looked out and about
There weren’t so many excruciating frowns

The forecast seems to be cloudy with a chance of rain
As tears are falling while people bind themselves in chains

4th Verse:
People no longer approach marriage with full force
It’s like they find comfort in the notion of divorce
Many broken homes leaving kids stranded
Then they wonder why discipline never landed

Selfish reasons seem to be in every season
All year around there’s relational treason
Cheating has never been so rampant
I don’t know how people can stand it

Thinking they can get away with the act
Or just simply don’t contain any tact
It’s hazardous to the characteristic of trust
Which has always been somewhat of a must

All the dilemmas and problems circling around out there
Is it just me or does anyone else find it strenuous to prepare


Suffering in silence

How we handle emotions differs
From one to the next we grow more flexible or stiffer
Some of us hold them in and others let them out
But we all share the same feelings of doubt

How we each grieve changes from one to the next
They say time heals all wounds, but it also continues to wreck
As we age more loss ensues all around to me and you
Many of us still trying to learn what exactly it is we should do

How to handle the situations and experiences each day
So that we can continue to excel in an efficient way
Progressing in our lives rather than remaining still
So that we can reflect a strong courageous will

Buried beneath the surface lies an echo of silence
We all suffer from something even if you may not see it
There’s no need to be ashamed since many others feel the same
After all this life we have isn’t a game


All you ladies who have guys call you sexy
Need to do a little evaluating before really connecting
Because they shouldn’t just want you physically
Nor just romance you emotionally or spiritually
They should appreciate the true beauty of your entire being
To be focused on learning you entirely
Seeking to commit to you fully before experiencing everything

But, that’s just me and my feelings

So many these days get caught in the array
Claiming they don’t have choices after choosing a few mistakes
Each day begins anew and time passes you by without a second take
So be sure to truly anticipate who it is you let in today
There’s never a guarantee on what will transpire
Just make sure that they have more than a single desire
Or else you may be left wondering how you are left in a wildfire

But again, that’s just me and my feelings

The physical is said to cause a chemical reaction
What stems in the brain though is a connection
All that you’ve learned and experienced are in correlation
Having many variables result in one thought or notion
With everything that comes into play in a decision
There shouldn’t be anything taken lightly when it comes to relations
So truly assess what each element is telling you and if the other person fits the suggestion

But sincerely, that’s just me and my feelings

Slip Out the Back

Listen to Full song here:

Yeah, some of you know me
I’m laid back, but take life seriously
Seems like an oxymoron I know
But life is short, so hard I go

Held captive in the eyes of society
Locked up within my diverse creativity
I’m stuck straddlin’ the fence
When will peace begin to commence

I’ve seen the rises and the falls
Equal circumstances for us all
When the tough times come its difficult
But somebody has to rise up and answer the call

So listen here…

1st Verse:
I’m no saint nor claim to be perfect
My heart and mind aim to disrupt the darkness
I try to give what I can in all situations
Stick with me if you need some comfort and protection

I occupy this life in which I was given
Inhalin’ the very same air that you are breathin’
Despite the similarities of bein’ human
We’re all unique and special specimens

This earth is temporary as is the entertainment
The drama isn’t worth your investment
Important aspects are what need your attention
The time we have is too short to go in the wrong direction

We get told lies in a false sense of projection
When we need truth to inspire accurate perceptions
Likewise when we look in the mirror what do we see
Someone upliftin’ or one that takes away with greed

2nd Verse:
I’m no hero, but will do what it takes
Even if you’re a stranger I’ll treat you the same
When bullets fly I’ll stand in the way
I’m not ashamed to be a gentleman these days

I’ve abstained in a world that’s fully engaged
The measurement of pleasure has many caged
Being released is easy just read the B-I-B-L-E
Perhaps conduct a few more acts of decency

Many these days are just too unwillin’ to progress
They’d rather stay piled up within the mess
Continuin’ to ask the right questions, but don’t like the answer
So they tend to fall back into what’s familiar

You’re far better than you give yourself credit for
Remember that anything is possible if you explore
I’m not the judge obviously, it’s your life to improve
I believe you can and will, you just have to choose to

My All

Listen to song here:

Intro (x2):
God is good, God is great
I hope that you are blessed on this day
I said… God is good, God is great
I hope that you are blessed on this day

1st Verse:
Many on this day don’t believe
Unfathomable for them to accept
What is it that you can’t receive
There is no payment, nor debt

When you look up at a cross
What is it that you see exactly
Just another symbolic piece
Or the gateway to a life in eternity

There is only one key to this living
Creativity is prominent in our surrounding
What else could there be to distinguish
There is deliverance from all this anguish

When the money trail ends
All the noise gets laid to rest
And your lungs exhale that last breath
Will your time be stressed or blessed

Time will tell as you live
Actions speak louder than words
He is gracious, He’ll forgive
Don’t swim with the fish, fly with the birds

I know you feel the gap in your heart
Let your mind accept Him, before you depart

When I fall
He reaches down
When I call
He reverses my frown

He’s my Lord, my God
My All… My All

When I trail
He makes me lead
When I fail
He helps me succeed

He’s my Lord, my God
My All… My All

2nd Verse:
A lot of people askin’ questions
Embedded in doubt and sinnin’
Close minded to the facts of beyond
Regardless of how it is we respond

Trinity, one…two…three
Christ died for you and for me
Salvation is where He paid it all
Lookin’ for love, then don’t stall

Open the word to see the truth
Escalate that innate faith you already use
You don’t have to be a sleuth
Leave the pain behind, escape the abuse

Golden arches and pearly gates
Once you ask Him into your heart
All of Heaven begins to celebrate
Get your name listed, enter the charts

Through this journey that you embark
Free will has been a constant
Don’t sink below, float like the ark
Your choice is very important

Grasp the gift that keeps on givin’
Once done transformation will happen and you’ll regret nothin’

When I fall
He reaches down
When I call
He reverses my frown

He’s my Lord, my God
My All… My All

When I trail
He makes me lead
When I fail
He helps me succeed

He’s my Lord, my God
My All… My All

3rd Verse:
I pray that on this day you’re all ok
God knows I’ve made mistakes
I’ve experienced doubt and heartache
Been through depression, that mental earthquake

It didn’t stop me from believin’
I’ve moved on, I’m proceedin’
I won’t get held back by the enemy
Which is why I try to end the blasphemies

Nature is what it is with our varied culture
Antagonists circlin’ your life like vultures
Society caught in the fragrance of thunder
This I know ‘cause lightning struck us asunder

Look around, when were we last united
A quick assessment shows we’re not delighted
The solution to the problem is easily sighted
But many rather remain stained and blighted

I can’t control what happens next
They want to blame God, when they’re the instruments
What goes around comes around
I just hope you’re not lost, but found

When I fall
He reaches down
When I call
He reverses my frown

He’s my Lord, my God
My All… My All

When I trail
He makes me lead
When I fail
He helps me succeed

He’s my Lord, my God
My All… My All

Closing (x2):
God is good, God is great
I hope that you are blessed on this day
I said… God is good, God is great
I hope that you are blessed on this day

Stalking Me

Listen to Full song here:

2nd Verse:
Lettin’ go won’t be so easy
I’ve held a special place for you
So close, yet so far apart reluctantly
Atleast we’ve had our time to go through

Lookin’ at the past I’m glad
I’ll never forget your voice
Slowly influencin’ my pen on this pad
Always leadin’ me to make the right choice

Likewise it will still be hard
I don’t think I can ever forget
Silence may never be in the cards
Allow me to apologize for any regret

Little things keepin’ me aware
I just want to sit back and stare
Select notions effectin’ my emotion
All the while our lives spiralin’ in commotion

Lo’ and behold I’ve never truly expressed my love
No tellin’ how you would’ve really felt about it
Very special you are though wonderful woman, blessed from up above

3rd Verse:
All the times we’ve shared
I hope you know how much I cared
Bein’ together was always great
It’s just our unity simply wasn’t fate

What will life be without you in it
I can’t quite grasp the explanation
However I do know that you’ll be fine
Your success will carry you through time

The happiness you seek is so close
As you continue to reach all of your goals
I’m glad I never held you back at all
Your strength has increased over the course of this haul

The impact you make is that of legend
Your super elevation is only beginnin’
The dedication you display is inspirin’
Though I’ve told you that times a thousand

As we separate it’s hard to say goodbye
The moments we shared will leave me askin’ why
Because it was evident I wasn’t supposed to be your guy
Just know I’ll cherish them though all the way to the sky

To Say Goodbye

(Listen to the full track here) “To Say Goodbye” (Feat. Chris Ray)

1st Verse:
Please, please don’t leave me
I need you and so does our baby
Atleast wake up so he can look into your eyes
I’ll admit I’m a little selfish I want to see your smile one last time

I can’t believe what I thought would be routine
Turns out to be taking the life of my wifey
Why is this happening I can’t bear this loss
What did I do to deserve this, is it my fault?

We need you in our lives to make us both better
How can this family function without us together
I want my son to grow along with his Mother
Don’t go just yet, please find a way to be ok

Can you hear him crying, I’m trying to keep calm
Not sure how I can cope seeing the life leave your palms
I know you’re off to a better place, this is just a surprise
You are my everything, you weren’t suppose to die

2nd Verse:
I’m sorry that I couln’t be at your bedside
I’m left here at my house thinkin of all the memories
As each one passes by a tear drops from my eyes
I knew this day was coming with your disease

I just had hoped it still wouldn’t become a reality
You were always so kind and taught me a lot
You’re in my heart always, you won’t be forgotten
I wish I had one more moment with you than I got

Your life was a beautiful thing, you created a legacy
It was hard for me to let you go especially
I see you every time our family gets together
And it is a pleasure to always think back and remember

As each of us continues our lives
You live on within each of us, we show it with pride
It isn’t something any one of us would hide
Hard to believe it’s been over two years now though since you’ve died

3rd Verse:
I just received a phone call could it really be
We are suppose to gather the rest of the family
To say goodbye to a loved one that provided many good stories
This can’t be, I know life ends but why the one who calls me daddy

I don’t know if I can handle this as a part of me goes
There was so much I was looking forward to the Lord knows
If I could I would take your place
I can’t stand to see anything other than a smile on your face

I’m sorry my little baby, I can’t imagine your pain
I’d take it all away if I could, this is driving me insane
I want you to know that I love you so much
I’ll never forget your soft little touch

I wish you would come back to me
Cause the rest of my life I’ll be suffering
I know where you’re headed though will make you happy
But just know I’m looking forward to that day I see you again in glory

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