Today with all these new “rules”, I’d rather be the exception
There is no reason to cultivate to this nonsense, no exemption
I want to move forward in life to be one of God’s extensions
So that I can further experience his blessings

Many people conform to what it is they think is the new norm
Each time experiencing a form of storm
These waves of emotion tackling their mind
Bruising their personalities each and every time

Depression has run rampant over the public
Everybody seems at a loss to what is causing it
Categorizing it as an illness
Little do they know their ignorance

We can’t solve problems when we ignore the variables
Each algorithm has a set of steps in order for a solution to be capable
Eliminating the centerpiece to the core of our understanding
Will continue to bury all the normalcy and comfort we wish to be feeling



Complexion and perception are unusual characteristics
Thoughts that drive the emotions of differing logistics
No matter how hard you may try you feel inept inside
Struggling with how you view the image you portray on the outside

Some of us don’t cut ourselves any slack
Expecting perfection when nobody else even has that
Utilizing every chance to enhance certain aspects
Rather than giving ourselves an ounce of self respect

Fighting with our own views
In such ways that others have no clue
None of this should come as news
Since we’ve all suffered a pinch of the blues

For some reason many times compliments fall to the wayside
Due to the sheer amount of disbelief someone holds in tough times
We’re all in some way shape or form tied together with experiences
Since everyone has encountered judgments that were serious

What we see in the mirror is made up of more than just that image
There are far greater explanations and sensations that produce the vision
Everyone reacts differently to what it is they see
Considering we all think and operate uniquely

How it is we react and contemplate
Will determine what kind of life we create
Each moment introduces a new opportunity
With the future waiting patiently

What will we do differently
Does change even need to happen, not necessarily
The context with which you view is up to you
Just don’t hesitate to be something great by missing the lessons of what you’ve gone through


All you ladies who have guys call you sexy
Need to do a little evaluating before really connecting
Because they shouldn’t just want you physically
Nor just romance you emotionally or spiritually
They should appreciate the true beauty of your entire being
To be focused on learning you entirely
Seeking to commit to you fully before experiencing everything

But, that’s just me and my feelings

So many these days get caught in the array
Claiming they don’t have choices after choosing a few mistakes
Each day begins anew and time passes you by without a second take
So be sure to truly anticipate who it is you let in today
There’s never a guarantee on what will transpire
Just make sure that they have more than a single desire
Or else you may be left wondering how you are left in a wildfire

But again, that’s just me and my feelings

The physical is said to cause a chemical reaction
What stems in the brain though is a connection
All that you’ve learned and experienced are in correlation
Having many variables result in one thought or notion
With everything that comes into play in a decision
There shouldn’t be anything taken lightly when it comes to relations
So truly assess what each element is telling you and if the other person fits the suggestion

But sincerely, that’s just me and my feelings


A moment in time that passes us by
We still sit in silence with wonders of why
Can we ever grasp the moment, will we even try
Or will we watch it evaporate up into the sky
Remnants of the past creep in our head, so sly
When the future is the issue that makes us sigh
Enough of the pathway that makes us shy
Provide a little insight so others don’t cry
There’s a fine line each time we reply
With expression not always translating correctly from our minds eye
Our compassion needs to apply
Since this world has focused more on what it can buy
The emotions that make us unique are what need to fly
So the morality that is left doesn’t completely die
When we continue to look out and spy
The madness that is seen isn’t short on supply
Which is why change is needed, so all of us don’t fry


I find myself swimming against the current
Not focused on my past, my future, but the present
I rise above the nonsense that gets displayed
I’m not one to get involved with petty charades

It isn’t in my plans to sink into the abyss
That produces any kind of detrimental experience
I want to avoid the dreadful temptations
Spread some positivity to all nations

Despite the barriers and vivid lines
There are problems that breach us time after time
No matter how hard we try, we simply can’t hide
Life catches up to all of us, cause we all die

We have free will to choose what we want
Yet many these days act so nonchalant
No care for the world just out there for selfish reasons
Causing all kinds of chaos their own personal treason

Many have just lost respect for themselves
Throwing their lives into the growing hell
They say they want better and to be well
But actions speak louder than words as far as I can tell

Since they can’t appreciate life they take it out on others
It doesn’t limit itself in any way, hatred always smothers
Anyone that gets in the way… strangers, friends, or family
It holds no bounds kind of like love, joy, and prosperity

Still so many choose the negative
They seek to destroy and eliminate the positive
Why is this you ask, because it is all rather relative
We face it in our daily lives, there’s no alternative

What is it on this day that you advocate
In which way does your lifestyle participate
Are you contributing to the side of benefit
Or allowing there to be a plethora of detriment


I stand at this ancient mosaic
Feeling free as if I hold no weight
It is beautifully made but also archaic
What is this glorious structure of fate

I examine what appears to be a barricade
Unsure of these emotions that came
My mind in a fix so I begin to pray
I call out to the one and only name

It opens exposing a bright light
I am astonished at the sight
Engulfed in this presence of peace
The light doesn’t seem to cease

I can’t help but begin to think
What is this form of splendor
I’m unable to blink
My vision too caught up in this treasure

Unable to completely measure what transpired
It is almost as if I am wired
This doesn’t seem real, but I’d rather not escape
Everything is coming together beginning to take shape

More questions than answers continue to arise
Fragment after fragment being presented from my mind
In due time I realize that I’m suppose to analyze
Like a puzzle it’s all coming together though much to my surprise

The fact of the matter is it’s all open here
Nothing to prevent it from coming into the clear
No more human element for it to fear
The gates have fallen allowing it to appear

What is this it and what purpose does it serve
I can’t seem to shake the attention it deserves
Why have I blocked this all away in the past
Another lesson to be learned so I can acquire some contrast

It appears evident that this is important
This anomaly presenting me with a pathway
A direction to seek and a seed to plant
A mission to fulfill and a journey to take Christ’s way

Tearing down the gates of distraction
I never knew what I came to ignore
I can’t hesitate to take positive action
As it can result in the opening of a unique door

Surrounded by this ecstasy
This notion has been riveting
A clear message being delivered
The solace I need to continue resides within God’s word

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