Almost everyone is in a pursuit for cash
Avoiding being cordial and instead brash
Nobody respecting the cold hard facts
That respect and decency are what attracts
Everything is more fun with more friends
So within the pursuit don’t treat them as loose ends
Family first is how we should approach deals
Reflecting the love we all hope to feel

The lines of communication have become blurred
Hesitating to connect due to the constant barrage of slurs
Hatred emphasized nightly through various news
When togetherness is the change we need to see accrue
No matter what you say or what you do
Each of us has had difficult times we’ve been through
Doesn’t matter what you think you once knew
Every day presents something new and a radius of change begins with you



They say you can’t pick your family
But, my parents picked me
There is truth to the saying
Since I didn’t have a say in the things

Adopted and introduced to two new siblings
It’s been awhile now, the numbers are adding
Family for the most part isn’t chosen
Until you’re ready to get your own in motion

Friends are what most of us actually get to pick
With an eye to promote time in those relationships
When it comes to starting that next chapter
Commitment and loyalty are what we’re after

The notion of giving up shouldn’t exist
Being there throughout needs to be the promise
Just like the support of a family or a friend
Enhance the best you’ve ever had choosing to give your all till the end


Three vastly different journeys
Each life is something truly unique
Two approaching and one beginning
The third and fourth with plenty of planning

One has started his third set
The other approaching that same set
Myself, I’m ending the era of the twenties
Approaching the years that will now begin with a three

My two oldest nephews, one who is twenty the other eighteen
So close in age, but experiencing vastly different scenes
As the one begins this next set of ten, we’ll see if he truly is a gentlemen
The other nearing that realm of adulthood has a lot of choices waiting ahead

Three lives in different significant states
All with sights on the future ahead to be great
We all have a link to which we can relate
However the way we carry ourselves differs on this date

Each of us encountering a difference in circumstance
With our lives having significantly different plans
Everyone experiences this with those they hold dear
As you hope the best for them as well as yourself each and every year

They say these years are still considered young
However what ultimately develops before it’s all said and done
Comes from these years that society tries to paint are for fun
Importance of improving our knowledge should be at the forefront to obtain further wisdom

The lives ahead for each of us
Need to be lived in a way that’s a plus
The negativity all around is more than enough
We three will hopefully continue to rise above


A frame of time that signifies ten years
Two people in my life where it is now so clear
Two journeys with vastly different pathways
Both of them a significant part of my family

A nephew and a niece nearly halfway through
A tenth year in their lives, with much more ahead to do
Still plenty for them to see and to witness
A life that I hope is filled with a plethora of good experiences

They’ve already encountered many hardships in this block of time
Facing separation and anxieties that seem to be commonplace in these times
What lies ahead within this next set of ten
Can make or break what it is becomes of them

The teenage years defining their adolescence
Will provide them with many choices to test their endurance
Can they maintain their innocence in a world such as this
Or will they succumb to some temptations that will ruin their temperance

Time will tell as they grow
Their lives unfolding with more to show
I hope they stick to the morals they know
As this life goes on with no way to slow

Family Values

Remember the times when it was about others
All these new times with new views of selfish behaviors
Long forgotten the value of accomplishment for more than self
Focused on careers while familial gains are put on the shelf

Everyone is looking to get ahead
While the notion of family is slowly becoming dead
Many running away from responsibility
Preventing the others from truly reaching prosperity

Far too many are too lazy to work through issues
Instead they pack up, head out, and try to continue
“If it isn’t easy, it isn’t worth it” seems to be the new slogan
Lots of people being afraid of a little commotion

People advocate choice only when it suits them
Despite improper choices putting them in their troublesome predicament
What about the choice of others you effect
Why can’t they have a say in what it is you do next

Too many turn and run away
Too many only hope for themselves today
Family is an important privilege
Nobody has the right to dismantle it


Caught in the middle of a stressful situation
Being brought into the fold is never easy
One side needs support and the other information
We humans are a complicated species

Hard to pick and choose who to lose
When your obligation to each side is crucial
There’s never a time when stress is good news
However it is important to always remain truthful

One side a brother the other an uncle
Lives changing dependant on the time
Both family members of course are special
Their situations both weighing heavy on the mind

What to do or when to do it
Both questions that require careful consideration
When the going gets tough, you never quit
So forward I go with the knowledge of each side’s confidence

Lost Relatives

It’s said if you have love then you’ll show it
If you hold someone dear then they’ll know it
Living how you feel isn’t always right
But positivity can go a long way in this fight

Each day life grows older
Time doesn’t cease just because the world grows colder
There’s an enemy that ticks with the clock
Which is why you need to build your foundation upon the rock

So many relatives, so many lost perspectives
Some I don’t even know because of my adoption
It’s important to show witness to the grace that I’ve been given
But impossible for me to do it with those I’ve never been connected

In this day and age trust can be minimal
Which is why I need to lean on my faith principles
Trying to trust while in these lands, the effort seems miniscule
However, without some trust you can’t experience the spiritual

Across the globe many live
Across many borders I have relatives
Some who are lost in the essence of spirit
Some who aren’t known because we’ve never met

I hope that each of them has love all the same
That each of them has joy on this day
With each breath that they take an improvement is made
And at some point they’ll accept the gift that gets them saved
So that one day we can all be together through Heaven’s gates

Ten Years

Hard to believe it’s been ten years
I remember being asked where I saw myself in five
Back then it all seemed so clear
I achieved my goal of graduating college to thrive
Little did I know I’d get ill before a career

Flash forward to now, six years after
My oldest nephew is finishing high school and my health is improved
I’m proud to see him finish up this chapter
He’s had some rough times, but he’s still pushing through

This time of reflection to see where I once was
To see now where he is, it’s all a whirlwind
Because the focus will be now on what he does
As my role is reversed from being the uncertain kid, to the adult providing direction

He has had his ups and downs personally
While dealing with hardships and trials
It hasn’t been an easy task for him to experience all the adversity
But he has managed to progress, giving the rest of us all smiles

I’ve been proud to be an Uncle since his birth
It’s given me more purpose and self worth
It’s been a title I’ve had for the majority of my time
And it isn’t one I ever plan to leave behind

Soon his grade school experience comes to an end
Ten years after mine had from the same establishment
Such a unique time to be involved in this celebration
I hope he too will continue to push forward toward a purposeful destination


As I venture out there are many surprises
One that happens all too often is the lack of Fathers
Many times they run out on the family, to keep their guises
What did the children due to deserve it, didn’t they love the Mothers

It is a sad sight to see the lust win
So often love is said, but not put into action
They want to get to the most beautiful aspect, just no commitment
Resulting in many lives being sent into destruction

Where has the control gone, it can’t be the years
What exactly has changed for this to persevere
Why is it that so many just won’t shift gears
The problems are evident, pretty crystal clear

As the differing thoughts race in my mind
I continue to see this on the streets time after time
I wonder how someone could pass up seeing those smiles
Why is it that they would forfeit those memories that are so worthwhile

I struggle with these realities because it is so against me
It isn’t something I could ever imagine doing
For certain views these days to be so unique
Just really astonishes how it is I think, since morality seems bleak


I doubt I’ll ever have kids of my own
I’ve been an Uncle for almost as long as I’ve known
Some may define that as rough
For me that is more than enough

I’ve been blessed with their lives entwined with mine
I wouldn’t change anything in the course of our time
There’s been ups and downs, but to my life they’ve brought shine
The influence has went both ways as we continue the climb

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, I’d enjoy fatherhood
I love kids and always saw myself going that route if I could
As it goes you need someone else, it’s just a fact
In these times and how I live my life, there’s no possibility for that

My nephews and niece will grow up happy to eventually get married
Something that just isn’t in the cards for someone like me
As I age, my views become even more unique
I will never just settle on someone at the expense of my beliefs

I’m strong willed and by how life has played out
I won’t mind being alone, even in the days of doubt
There is a strength that has been given to me
That allows me to avoid viewing things irrationally

I’m analytical and always can move forward
There are more important goals I need to look toward
In the array of differences I’ve dealt with in other experiences
I’ve never been held back from finding the proper essence

God knows what I need, especially when I’m weak
Christ died for my freedom and has given me the opportunity to speak
So while others may wonder how bad being alone could be
To me it will just be another normal day of living

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