All these feelings dwell
All these emotions swell
I can hardly even tell
What’s bad and what’s well

What will come tomorrow
I hope it’s no longer sorrow

1st Verse:
All these people around the globe
Seeking recognition through likes and follows
What they fail to realize is even those with them
Still feel the sense of emptiness within

I see it all the time those receiving attention
Remaining in a state of indecision
Always craving more than what’s in store
Leaving themselves caught in an infinite chore

Many people there to build up their attitude
Yet they still feel depressed to a high magnitude
It’s all smiles, laughs, and gratitude in sight
But then they admit just how hard it is to fight

It takes a lot of courage to bare it all
And it takes even greater strength to stop the fall

All these feelings dwell
All these emotions swell
I can hardly even tell
What’s bad and what’s well

What will come tomorrow
I hope it’s no longer sorrow

2nd Verse:
There are many women victim to addictions
And it isn’t even their volition, but another’s perversion
A sad state of affairs that leaves many in despair
With many feeling too afraid no one cares

We see it all too often harassment and violence
These people don’t deserve to sit in silence
At the same time the root cause is slipping away
As we continue to allow morals to decay

Many think certain approaches are ok
When it really only attaches a bandaid
If you want the cure you need to hit the source
Which for some reason is debated away of course

Look at the masses of survivors reaching out
We need to realize the true evil that needs to be taken down

All these feelings dwell
All these emotions swell
I can hardly even tell
What’s bad and what’s well

What will come tomorrow
I hope it’s no longer sorrow

3rd Verse:
It seems there is truly an outbreak
Nobody forgiving themselves for past mistakes
Saturating their current mind state
With elements that they can’t change

What’s done is meant to be learned from
So why are so many limiting their options
Not giving themselves a chance to move forward
Instead deciding failure is what they’ll go toward

It’s heartbreaking knowing so many doubt
Constantly putting themselves down
I wish when I looked out and about
There weren’t so many excruciating frowns

The forecast seems to be cloudy with a chance of rain
As tears are falling while people bind themselves in chains

4th Verse:
People no longer approach marriage with full force
It’s like they find comfort in the notion of divorce
Many broken homes leaving kids stranded
Then they wonder why discipline never landed

Selfish reasons seem to be in every season
All year around there’s relational treason
Cheating has never been so rampant
I don’t know how people can stand it

Thinking they can get away with the act
Or just simply don’t contain any tact
It’s hazardous to the characteristic of trust
Which has always been somewhat of a must

All the dilemmas and problems circling around out there
Is it just me or does anyone else find it strenuous to prepare



All you ladies who have guys call you sexy
Need to do a little evaluating before really connecting
Because they shouldn’t just want you physically
Nor just romance you emotionally or spiritually
They should appreciate the true beauty of your entire being
To be focused on learning you entirely
Seeking to commit to you fully before experiencing everything

But, that’s just me and my feelings

So many these days get caught in the array
Claiming they don’t have choices after choosing a few mistakes
Each day begins anew and time passes you by without a second take
So be sure to truly anticipate who it is you let in today
There’s never a guarantee on what will transpire
Just make sure that they have more than a single desire
Or else you may be left wondering how you are left in a wildfire

But again, that’s just me and my feelings

The physical is said to cause a chemical reaction
What stems in the brain though is a connection
All that you’ve learned and experienced are in correlation
Having many variables result in one thought or notion
With everything that comes into play in a decision
There shouldn’t be anything taken lightly when it comes to relations
So truly assess what each element is telling you and if the other person fits the suggestion

But sincerely, that’s just me and my feelings


When you…
Do something nice for someone
Write a complimentary letter in good fun
Showcase a display of affection
Make a sacrifice giving another satisfaction

If you…
Were to give your life for another
Took a bullet for a sister or brother
Showed love to everyone you met
Always provided comfort and kindness

How would you…
Feel if it all got ignored
React if no gratitude was given as if it were too much of a chore
Deal with misconceptions linked to your acts
Perceive those unthankful who benefited in your tracks

Would you then…
Be angry, extremely mad
View them in a way that’s bad
Still treat them with respect
Expect an apology the next time you connect

Could you…
Deter any negative thoughts from forming in your head
Avoid any sort of hatred or bitterness
Maintain a sense of friendship
Easily forgive and forget

We’re human, our ways are different
Still can’t fathom how well God and Jesus have handled it

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