Trick or treat, I know it’s not Halloween
But with the fake personalities around it fits the scene
You act as if you’re happy for me
However solely focus on the income of money

I just don’t see where that is a big deal
Which is why I have a different definition of real
If this life ultimately comes to an end
Why the need to sit around and play pretend

I understand that the flow of currency runs things
But if you claim that we’re heavenly
What difference does it make since we’re just passing through
The influence I have is what will leave an impact in what I do

So it isn’t about how much somebody makes
Focusing on that is guaranteed to drown you in mistakes
Lust after money is where corruption builds
Look at the greed that has tainted this world

Time and time again we’ve seen aches and pains
All caused by the desires of others to achieve a gain
So you can take that message up out of my face
I don’t care to hear another comment about monetary rates

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