Women are a gifted prize
Not meant to be objectified
Not for my eyes or by my mind
But protected side by side like my heart inside

No questions about their situation
If they need help they should get it
In a world where we’ve lost gentlemen
Chivalry barely still exists

Both genders have changed
Our culture so deranged
Relations that use to be reserved
Are taking place younger and younger

How can it be that slavery isn’t seen
When it isn’t hidden, but shown clearly
Each day another one chooses the wrong industry
In this day it continues to be leading in money

Is that all life is anymore is something monetary
I can’t bear the thought of these tragedies
Promoting these feelings of entering
Such a life where real hope is lacking

I try not to judge and I try not to criticize
But I was raised to never cross those lines
Morals are being tested and mutilated
While this evil is elevated

I see women and I smile
I think about women and I’m in denial
There is a need that exceeds kindness
However many see it as nonsense

I’ve been blessed and I use to be stagnant
I’ve since progressed and began to exercise my talents
Each person of the opposite sex I meet
Immediately gets respect and encouragement from me



If you knew what I knew, then you’d know you’re beautiful
Hair up, hair down… hair all sorts of colors and styles
Doesn’t matter if your skin is yellow, red, brown, black, or white
Each and every one of you are special in His sight

Forget the imagery that comes with the media
Don’t buy into their absurd propaganda
The best form of beauty is the natural
Makeup and accessories are cool, but isn’t what makes you beautiful

There’s no such thing as too short or too tall
There’s no such thing as too big or too small
Even if you’re sick or struggling you can feel His grace
Never hesitate to let a smile develop upon your face

When you look in the mirror see the success
You made it this far, continue to progress
What is on the inside truly does count
Attitude and emotions can affect a large amount

Don’t let others negativity reflect in your own perspective
If it isn’t kindness and support that they give
The relationship with them may not even be worth it
Avoid abuse of any kind, never give in… you’re not meant to be a victim

Give love, accept love
Because… you are a part of love

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