Need or Greed

A lot of heartbreak going on these days
With many treating relationships as if it’s a game
It’s sad to hear about all the charades
Since so many are suffering as a result of the shames
Nobody taking responsibility for the chatter
Male or female it doesn’t even matter
Since they don’t enact what it is they’re after
Just rather complain about the way things are shattered
Instead of helping to change the culture
They’d rather continue to get picked at by another vulture
So quick to rush into the next
I’m curious if anyone truly has self respect
If you give so freely that which should be saved
What is left to commit to if that’s their only reason to stay
Patience obviously needs to grow
Awareness and understanding need to flow
These “needs” that many focus on
Aren’t worth your constant dips into depression



All the women out there facing heartache
I stand by hearing their pain, my heart breaks
Feeling as if they need to be something they’re not
All for the reasons of a man, who doesn’t know what he’s got

The women mistreated and tossed aside
I hate hearing the stories of this worldwide
As if they get used up or lose their worth
When the man is acting like the scum of the earth

I hold steady to the given facts
There is a catalyst that’s still intact
The notion of disrespect and despicable acts
Continuing to add when they need to subtract

Some of the stuff leaves me speechless
How can it all carry on when it’s so demeaning
When did it become normal to teach this
As society doesn’t seem to be intervening

The fact that it happens without change
Expresses a culture that brings me rage
How so many allow this to be
Shows a lack of strength to end this negativity

Terrible things happen, this I understand
But when will there be a wave of action
A movement to actually love instead of abuse
An era that tries to heal instead of bruise

The emotions of women going through a shredder
Is a pitiful way for a man to claim he is doing better
The scars are running too thick
The adoption of morals needs to happen quick

A mind state that doesn’t seem to resonate
Is the one where we need to treat others great
It’s not hard to be dedicated or educated
Which is why the masses need to realize these problems should be evaluated

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