A thread is all you need to make a pattern
So when times are tough stick with those who matter
Don’t try to go outside the lines
Keep holding tight to what’s right on the inside

There is always hope in tomorrow
For it begins a new day to move away from your sorrow
Letting go sometimes is the hardest thing
Especially if the one who hurts you the most is wearing a ring

Struggle is part of any process
The mountains and valleys help create progress
Without a test you never have a chance to build
So stick with this life and exercise your will


There’s always a chance

That you’ll learn something
That it means nothing
That it could possibly change everything

Let the heavens sing
Let the phones ring
Let the changes of love begin happening

Open your eyes to what the day brings
Have the purpose of life flow like a spring
Never forget that kindness is always worth practicing


Trying to hide
The fallen pride
Identity subsides
Anger collides
Then depression divides
Love can provide
An outlet to guide
So never give in to suicide

Voice of Christ

When I first arrived it was like a miracle
A little bundle of joy, something special
Carried throughout the entire pregnancy
By a woman who wasn’t ready for me

She felt it fit to give me life
Rather than forfeit it to the knife
I was protected by good decision
The free will to truly listen

Not sure of her story since
Since I’ve been gone through adoption
Born in Brazil, but raised in Michigan
I doubt I’ll ever see her again

The once hope to meet in Heaven
Seems slim as time continues to tick
With how the world is it’s somewhat unrealistic
However, I pray that at some point she once again listened


Some know the actual diagnosis
I’m here to be of a different witness
It isn’t the colors in the environment around us
But that of which is on the skin creating a fuss

I’ve been raised to ignore that difference
I’ve made the decision to treat others how I want to be treated
It isn’t that special or magnificent
Just the choice to be a loving human

Many talk about race
When our lives are so fast pace
Yes we have different heritage
But none to disparage

God is love through Christ He gave a gift
Anyone anywhere can get a hold of it
Doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you are
Literally every type of human under the stars
Can accept it freely without charge

With the significance of the world’s indifference
It boggles many minds that it’s so simplistic
Many try to disprove the existence
However creativity remains a characteristic
Don’t be afraid to claim the inheritance
Save yourself from all this belligerence

His arms opened wide to welcome you home
His season is amongst us, so step away from your phones
Show some appreciation to those around you, the time is now
Help create a better outlook before the hatred further brings us down


Eye on perfection
Eye on motivation
Eye on dedication
Eye on the projection

Eye on elation
Eye on duration
Eye on affection
Eye on a solution

I got my eye on the prize… eye on the prize

Eye on protection
Eye on reflection
Eye on hydration
Eye on my preservation

Eye on coloration
Eye on delegation
Eye on cultivation
Eye on the declaration

I got my eye on the prize… eye on the prize

Eye on confirmation
Eye on exaltation
Eye on illustration
Eye on the relations

Eye on innovation
Eye on integration
Eye on realization
Eye on all creation

I got my eye on the prize… but the prize has their eyes on me


I’m held in place by God’s grace
With Him I’ll never deteriorate
Through Christ my sins are forgiven
Sanctified by Him from the beginnin’

I walk forward in this life to end strife
Provide some comfort and insight
I don’t have all the answers, I too ask questions
Regardless though I’ve learned a lot from my experiences

Looking out into the lives of the masses
It is easy to learn, no need for any classes
Situations are dire and many are in need
Plenty caught in addictions at crazy speeds

I’ve never claimed to be better
If anything I’ve admitted I’m a sinner
That’s why I need forgiveness from the creator
And with His help, I’m constantly working to improve my character

We all need aid, which is why we seek love
We’re not supposed to be alone in the battle
Consider what it is you’re a part of
Because with this one life it’s easy to get rattled

Provide yourself a little hope, whatever your background is
Today could be the worst, but tomorrow could be bliss
Never give up working toward your goals and dreams
The illusions of failure are not what they seem


Hope is as real as the pain you feel
Multiplicative to infinity and beyond
Don’t let vengeance become the real
Allow love to grow and be what is fond

Assisting the menacing behavior
Is the last thing the world needs
Believe upon a steadfast principle greater than yours
No need to contribute to the way the world bleeds

Coming out with a new stroke
Paints a design far better than blurred lines
Seek to inject positive ideas, not just poke
Thrive upon the identity of what’s divine

Sorrowful it is you may feel at the moment
Tests, trials, and difficulties surround you
The testimony, triumph, and difference is the development
What transpires through your hardship is what can help others not give up, but continue


I have these visions of heroics
They’ll come true at some point, I know it
Some painful and intense
While others leave gaps, inducing suspense

When will the times come, am I prepared
I’ve yet to face some, I’m a protector this I’ve declared
Preventing despair for another is second nature
I’m a lover not a fighter, but will fight for what’s greater

Sometimes it’s instinct and not choice
Often times I keep myself silenced, when my thoughts should be voiced
I’m just a man living one day at a time
Hoping to impact the world for the better by deed and by rhyme

The day will come when only true words will soar
When negativity will burn away and be no more
Until that time comes it’s our duty to react
To work toward the better keeping elements of peace intact

My All

Listen to song here:

Intro (x2):
God is good, God is great
I hope that you are blessed on this day
I said… God is good, God is great
I hope that you are blessed on this day

1st Verse:
Many on this day don’t believe
Unfathomable for them to accept
What is it that you can’t receive
There is no payment, nor debt

When you look up at a cross
What is it that you see exactly
Just another symbolic piece
Or the gateway to a life in eternity

There is only one key to this living
Creativity is prominent in our surrounding
What else could there be to distinguish
There is deliverance from all this anguish

When the money trail ends
All the noise gets laid to rest
And your lungs exhale that last breath
Will your time be stressed or blessed

Time will tell as you live
Actions speak louder than words
He is gracious, He’ll forgive
Don’t swim with the fish, fly with the birds

I know you feel the gap in your heart
Let your mind accept Him, before you depart

When I fall
He reaches down
When I call
He reverses my frown

He’s my Lord, my God
My All… My All

When I trail
He makes me lead
When I fail
He helps me succeed

He’s my Lord, my God
My All… My All

2nd Verse:
A lot of people askin’ questions
Embedded in doubt and sinnin’
Close minded to the facts of beyond
Regardless of how it is we respond

Trinity, one…two…three
Christ died for you and for me
Salvation is where He paid it all
Lookin’ for love, then don’t stall

Open the word to see the truth
Escalate that innate faith you already use
You don’t have to be a sleuth
Leave the pain behind, escape the abuse

Golden arches and pearly gates
Once you ask Him into your heart
All of Heaven begins to celebrate
Get your name listed, enter the charts

Through this journey that you embark
Free will has been a constant
Don’t sink below, float like the ark
Your choice is very important

Grasp the gift that keeps on givin’
Once done transformation will happen and you’ll regret nothin’

When I fall
He reaches down
When I call
He reverses my frown

He’s my Lord, my God
My All… My All

When I trail
He makes me lead
When I fail
He helps me succeed

He’s my Lord, my God
My All… My All

3rd Verse:
I pray that on this day you’re all ok
God knows I’ve made mistakes
I’ve experienced doubt and heartache
Been through depression, that mental earthquake

It didn’t stop me from believin’
I’ve moved on, I’m proceedin’
I won’t get held back by the enemy
Which is why I try to end the blasphemies

Nature is what it is with our varied culture
Antagonists circlin’ your life like vultures
Society caught in the fragrance of thunder
This I know ‘cause lightning struck us asunder

Look around, when were we last united
A quick assessment shows we’re not delighted
The solution to the problem is easily sighted
But many rather remain stained and blighted

I can’t control what happens next
They want to blame God, when they’re the instruments
What goes around comes around
I just hope you’re not lost, but found

When I fall
He reaches down
When I call
He reverses my frown

He’s my Lord, my God
My All… My All

When I trail
He makes me lead
When I fail
He helps me succeed

He’s my Lord, my God
My All… My All

Closing (x2):
God is good, God is great
I hope that you are blessed on this day
I said… God is good, God is great
I hope that you are blessed on this day

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