All these women dealing with pressure
I’m wired up ready to give another lecture
I place blame all around our culture
The leaders, the public, and all those engulfing them in torture

It’s on my conscience every day I breathe
It’s in my dreams every night that I sleep
It’s in my thoughts as if they were personal memories

The notion of hidden secrets is long lost
Once you’re made aware of the situations and the cost
I speak on behalf of the boss
Slavery isn’t why Christ died on the cross

Human trafficking, you’ve heard it once you shouldn’t have to hear it twice
Young kids being snatched up and grabbed to be sold off for a price
Since when did a life have a label for money to satisfy greed
Robbing them a chance at choice and free will for some sort of sick need

Where is this world going
Naked behavior and lustful sins have it all downward spiraling
Where has compassion gone
Each day the sun rises it has become a bleaker and weaker dawn

Hundreds of thousands hidden away kept silent
All to be rooted in experiences that are violent
The pleasure that many seek is what makes them weak
Exploiting humanity is so sickening, we need more willing to set them free

The addictions being fed are what result in so many dead
Drugs, alcohol, and sex shouldn’t be what resides in your head
With all the problems more people need to get involved, but choose to ignore them instead
When given the choice to have a voice, sound the alarm don’t be one who fled

Standing in the gap for someone else is necessary
Without others, what is the meaning of our life’s journey
When you fall you hope to be caught
When you’ve risen you should help someone else who hit rock bottom

Treat others how you want to be treated
It is so simplistic
Let’s rescue all of those who’re being beaten
It is a challenge, but so well worth it



Let me take a moment to teach
Women aren’t meant for you to leech
It doesn’t matter your fantasy
Nobody’s taking responsibility

These dudes unaware of how to stop
They want to blame the cops or their Moms and Pops
Indulged in their latest addiction
With a misuse of various definitions

Our government can’t even interpret its own constitution

Make a stand, hold some hands
Lead people out of the despicable plans
So many on auto-follow
They forget what it’s like not to be hollow

Get filled with knowledge and emotion
Mindless drones stirring up all this commotion
Hard to stop what you can’t see
So open your eyes to all that’s threatening

If you’re free then you can hear the pleas
Many crying out to simply be released
Held against their will
Forced to be silent and still

The media leading you astray
Harassment hasn’t gone away
Problems all around, slavery is here
No ethnic specificity, just to be clear

They’ll take anyone who has the look
Just to further fill their pocket books
If you feel you aren’t effected
Then I guess you have no connections

Treat others how you want to be treated
Don’t leave them behind broken and beaten
Regardless if they’re a friend or stranger
Nobody should have to endure these dangers

Distraction is the simplest form of deterrent
Hoping you won’t realize the lies is the difference
Find a way to acquire resolve
Since many of these problems need to be solved

Eyes Open

I am frankly quite tired of seeing the negative ways that women are being treated today in our world. Every country has their faults; then again many of those faults are similar to a certain degree. When we as males are looking at the opposite gender for the sole purpose of personal pleasure, there has to be a line drawn. There are far too many women out there dealing with harassment, abuse, and sexual assault. The fact that there are so many different forms of those three descriptions is becoming quite alarming. I can’t tell you how many different women I’ve met in passing that can tell a story of experiencing at least one severe form of negative behavior from a male. In this day and age it seems the characteristics considered as “being a man” are far from what they actually should be.

I am at a point where each day I can’t help but consciously think about all the negative acts that are occurring somewhere that have negative effects on a woman. I see creative campaign after campaign trying to stress the importance of stopping things such as sexual assault, abuse, and harassment only to quickly fade away. To raise awareness on these types of societal problems is always great, but persistence is what should really take place when conducting such an operation. The other issues I see with these types of endeavors are that the people being used to push them don’t utilize the status they have to address more of the underlying problems. There are blatant roots to the development of the mindsets and actions that are being taken, which are being left alone allowing this trend of horrific behaviors to continue.

Many males out there today try to call themselves “men” when in fact they are nothing but cowards. Story after story of domestic violence is being portrayed over various media outlets. There isn’t a day that goes by where someone isn’t being trafficked against their will for means of sexual exploitation, which operations such as those are primarily ran by males. You see time after time marriages and relationships ending due to cheating, dishonesty, or lack of effort all of which are stemming from immoral acts such as lust or addiction. I’m not saying that women aren’t guilty of similar antics when it comes to cheating, dishonesty, violence, harassment, abuse, or lack of effort. What I am saying though is that we as men need to correct our values and treatment of women so they can once again feel comfortable and protected as a whole. Seeing men point the finger at women trying to pass blame rather than take responsibility is another variable where cowardice truly shows. As time has passed it is almost as if women have been forced into replicating certain negative behaviors at times just to survive. As stated prior, the view of women falling primarily in relation to forms of objectivity is out of control.

If you have yet to notice there is a great deal of surprise when an act of kindness is shown these days, no matter what the relationship is with the other person… known or stranger. Much the same the acts of being a gentleman and viewing forms of chivalry or courtship are almost long gone. These days there isn’t much of a distinction between the two genders with which is seeking sexual interaction more within a normal social situation. However, it wasn’t all that long ago where men were widely considered the aggressor when it came to that form of pursuit. With the growing problems that propose sex being of utmost importance there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for things like harassment, abuse, and sexual assault especially with the rapid growth of more and more social media outlets. The voices much like mine that are tired of seeing these mistreatments prosper within societies are being overshadowed by the masses who are simply ignoring the origins of such issues and allowing them to grow. There are many that would rather continue to overlook the problems and allow certain lifestyles to remain under the guise of wrongful definitions rather than spark the necessary change. Not truly knowing the extent to which some of these things are happening I believe is another hindrance for the proper change to take place. Without there being much done to end some of these methods that stem such behavior… it would sadly appear that there will be plenty more lives affected for the worse.

With that said I am continually sorry to those who have gone through or are enduring these terrible experiences within their lives. I am also sorry for those who feel conducting these horrific acts somehow makes them a stronger or more powerful person rather than a scumbag. We as men are meant to protect, love, and respect women NOT harm, disown, and mistreat them.


She’s afraid and ashamed
Entrapped and enraged
Held against her will, looking for a change

But she can’t escape
Despite the pain and no gain
Her fear keeps her detained

Watching herself deteriorate
She screams on the inside
She’s irate, held captive in her mind

Looking for a break
Someone or something to aid her
Since she herself feels too weak to bother

Left feeling hopeless and alone
Despite many interactions
She has yet to feel true satisfaction

Where’s hope and love she asks
While left dealing with demeaning tasks
She deserves better, a way to get back on the right track

Far too many out there endure similar
Hidden away from the public eye
Methods varying significantly, all encaged like a prisoner

Sad to know how vast it is
While the majority are taking things for granted
They continue to feel emptiness implanted

Wake up to those that surround you
Symbols and signs constantly shine through
It’s just a matter of noticing them, so progress can ensue

Silent Traffic

Each day if you listen close you can hear voices
Those in the distance that don’t have much choice
They are living in a hidden hell
That is surrounded by our own little world, so we can’t tell

Many held against their will
Taken before they can really grow
Their lives being held still
All this happening and not many know

Many faces taken away on this day
Transported to the depths of this forceful array
It’s not ok, things need to change
However it’s so widespread, in so many ways

I can’t fathom the lives affected
They need to be saved and protected
They could be nearby and I’m unaware
While they’re stuck thinking no one cares

These hidden faces all over the place
Need to be discovered at a rapid pace
This trend needs to get shut down
It can no longer remain underground

It needs to be brought to the forefront
So that it can be ended before more has begun
Because this problem has persisted and grown
All across our lands as if it wasn’t known

Speak up and look for this tragedy
It can be hidden in plain sight
Don’t wait until it hits you randomly
Step out in faith to make things right

This explicit act needs to be cracked
These people deserve to get their lives back

Rush Hour

There’s a traffic jam that shouldn’t exist
We can’t seem to get any control of it
Not found in the mainstream, just appears dismissed
When will solutions and support come forth to commit

You have countless numbers of feminists
Yet the problem still continues to persist
I’m troubled at the law that tries to negate it
All the while being the first ones to submit

People shout for rights and equality
All while many are suffering lives of slavery
It is right in our backyard and on our streets
Yet we aren’t seeing any real urgency

Young women being kidnapped and harassed
Not in the typical form where they’ll ever get their life back
Many turning a blind eye or just aren’t aware
Because it seems as if they’re caught in the glare

Everywhere you turn there is prostitution
With policy makers giving them business
Pornography distracting people from a solution
Because hardly anyone feels it needs to be addressed

All these cowards feeding lies and deceit to many ladies
Saying they’ll get treated more than fairly
Forcing them to give in and sell their bodies
How often do we see news on this, never or at best rarely

It isn’t just women, but young kids of both genders
They’re all caught up in this ridiculous blunder
The fact that it is so rampant makes one wonder
Can we correct it or will it continue to thrive in a hidden splendor

The traffic that takes place isn’t by vehicle
And the chance of seeing a fix right now is miniscule
I never even heard of it within my years of school
So when can we expect to be equipped with the proper tools

This has gone on far too long in silence
Many get sucked in through addiction and violence
So the crimes stack up and yet it isn’t public
Still makes me question the methods behind our republic

The scenario is clouded with the jam still in tact
Will you do some research today and begin to react
Or continue to sit back and relax
While more innocents gets stolen away leaving no tracks

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