Complexion and perception are unusual characteristics
Thoughts that drive the emotions of differing logistics
No matter how hard you may try you feel inept inside
Struggling with how you view the image you portray on the outside

Some of us don’t cut ourselves any slack
Expecting perfection when nobody else even has that
Utilizing every chance to enhance certain aspects
Rather than giving ourselves an ounce of self respect

Fighting with our own views
In such ways that others have no clue
None of this should come as news
Since we’ve all suffered a pinch of the blues

For some reason many times compliments fall to the wayside
Due to the sheer amount of disbelief someone holds in tough times
We’re all in some way shape or form tied together with experiences
Since everyone has encountered judgments that were serious

What we see in the mirror is made up of more than just that image
There are far greater explanations and sensations that produce the vision
Everyone reacts differently to what it is they see
Considering we all think and operate uniquely

How it is we react and contemplate
Will determine what kind of life we create
Each moment introduces a new opportunity
With the future waiting patiently

What will we do differently
Does change even need to happen, not necessarily
The context with which you view is up to you
Just don’t hesitate to be something great by missing the lessons of what you’ve gone through


Field of Vision

There are dark tides in a dark sea
Going through hurdles that one can’t see
Waves crash, the sun beams
Hoarding nightmares, instead of dreams

As the wind blows, the heat breaks
Causing for a plethora of chilled quakes
The earth shakes, as it rotates
Nothing like the feeling of a love ache

The hidden shade, falls away
Quick like the sand in the center stage
You can’t rage, you’ll sink fast
Drowning in the abyss of a hollow past

Just one wish, won’t even last
Life can be a rough patch
Consequence can bring lots of wrath
One must dig deep to get a match

So many choices, so many plans
It all starts at the beginning of one’s hands
Is this real, was this planned
It’s hard to know if you don’t understand

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