There lies a treasure trove
Hidden within a deep cove
Many don’t know it’s their own
Since it has never been shown

We all have traits within
Dreams that seem thin
The answers that lie beneath
Are waiting to become seen

It may take a little time to find
That’s why we expand our mind
Learning the pathway to navigate
What it is that makes us great

Each unique as we never peak
Don’t sell to yourself that you’re weak
Time moves forward and so do we
Obtain the treasure that sets you free



With all the media and text you consume
The final decision of what to believe is up to you
The wisdom and intellect that gets relayed
Ultimately depends on your heart and mind’s decided pathway

Sometimes facts are presented, but plenty is unexplained
Lots of questions are formulated for us to figure out each day
Behind the layers of fear, is your conscience clear
Is this something you can accept, will you maintain self respect

Words and letters swirling like a tornado
Engulfing our thoughts sending chills down our torso
What will determine your next choice
Will you speak up and maintain your own voice

Don’t let the abundance of pressure sink you into depression
Contemplating decision after decision just leaves you left wishin’
The storm shouldn’t determine the outcome
Your presence is needed to be present in every situation

Show yourself that you care and become aware
Wake up to life and don’t imprison yourself in despair


It’s always good to ask questions when you seek answers
But not correct to chastise the ones helping to aid those concerns
If you seek knowledge, some sort of gain
Then listen to the opinion of the ones you’re asking

Don’t abolish their information if you feel you already know
Otherwise what’s the point of opening that window
The question should’ve never been asked
So make up your mind on whether or not you have a grasp

Wasting time with repetitive contradictory lines
Isn’t what helps people progress forward in these times
Aiding one another doesn’t come through arguments
It comes from love and patience

So what exactly is hiding beneath the surface
Are you truly seeking an explanation toward a purpose
Or subtly baiting someone in to ambush their practices
Either way one should be more professional in their tactics

We must be careful in how we seek and study
The aspects of life around us can be misleading
Don’t ask unless you truly want to know
Don’t speak unless your thoughts actually flow

Expressing ourselves indeed has many different avenues
And it’s important to maintain respect when we do

Chart Success

The recently released “My All” is now within the Top Five at #5 within the same Christian Rap chart that “In the Rain” had its success. If you would like to help support the song in the charting system you have to listen to it through this link “My All”, rather than the post below because it is upon a different website. Feel free to share it, rate it, or download it for free all within that link if you’d like. I realize it is a particular style in which some may not prefer, but if you do so decide to take a listen… just know that I am very grateful for your time.

The success of these songs helps further expand my audience and keeps me motivated to continue writing. I appreciate each and every single one of you who have supported me along the way, I truly enjoy creating new works to further express the matter of my mind as well as just allowing myself a creative release. As long as I impact atleast one person with each new piece that is all that matters, even if at times it may just be myself. If they happen to resonate with more, than that is a true blessing. I hope that all of you are doing well and are continuing to move forward with your own creative endeavors as I look forward to reading, watching, or listening to them. Thanks again! Have a great day!

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