I know that our love hasn’t met
But everything about you is hard to forget
The laugh, the speech, the smile, the meet
All of you has me on the edge of my seat

I can hardly wait each day to experience you
A longing that was gone the last I knew
But you’ve revived that essence of connection
Giving me hope once again to develop certain affection

Delivering a calm in the storm
Your very presence brings forth the warmth
An innocence long lost in this generation
The very elegance of rareness is within your foundation

Every aspect of you is of interest
That’s why this feeling of mine persists
An adventure awaits for us to learn more
I can hardly wait to encounter what’s in store


There’s always a chance

That you’ll learn something
That it means nothing
That it could possibly change everything

Let the heavens sing
Let the phones ring
Let the changes of love begin happening

Open your eyes to what the day brings
Have the purpose of life flow like a spring
Never forget that kindness is always worth practicing


The beauty you hold is the standard
That will always be my answer
Whatever makeup you decide or flow of the hair
All the other shapes, sizes, and styles can’t compare

You’re the one I hold dear
When we first started, to year after year
In case I haven’t made it clear
I want to be your love that’s always near

The truth is I want to protect and hold you close
I’m intrigued by the person you are beyond the clothes
I want to support your endeavors and be a part of your adventure
Keeping you encouraged and uplifted because you’re my treasure

To me it isn’t about your image because I see grace
The kindness you hold in your heart reflected by the smile on your face
Actions speak louder than words, so let me be your resting place
I’ll always prove that you’re safest within my embrace

There’s nothing we can’t do
You’re the one for me, I always knew
Each time you ask how you look
Again, there’s no one as gorgeous all around in my book


Half a planet away
You cheer me up each day
To think in the past
We never would’ve crossed paths
Now with the connectivity
I’ve gotten to experience your blessing
Despite the distractions and tragedies
Technologies have still been exciting
A gentle personality, innocent in a way
Greatness blooms within, this I will say
A smile that truly impacts my heart
No matter the miles we are apart


Honor and integrity are paramount
Every time we struggle there are doubts
Lifting our heads up to realize the need for change
Produces a gateway to elevate progress instead of remaining the same

All too often we ignore what’s right

Caught in a constant battle, even if it isn’t our personal fight
Anyone breathing can make a difference
Ultimately it is on them to make that decision
Suspense isn’t what kills
Extraordinary acts of love though are what can indeed fulfill

Don’t Bother

[Lyrics to a storylike song I was going to put on the upcoming album project, just didn’t like how the track was turning out]

She looked at me and whispered…

Don’t bother they’re already here
The voices in my head makin’ it all unclear
I’m enclosed and surrounded by all these fears
I just wish this lifestyle would finally disappear

You see, I was walkin’ down the street
And I noticed a girl lookin’ over at me
The look she had wasn’t familiar
It was of curiosity as if I was meant to deliver

I walked up and broke the ice
Typical small talk after saying “Hi”
She then went on to tell me her story
A complete stranger revealin’ her inner most inventory

She expressed how she had been coerced
Charmed into a life where everything got worse
Slipped into one bad habit after another
After so long her emotions didn’t even bother

I was shocked and confused
Not knowin’ much of what to do
I began to reply back with what I thought was right
Little did I know she wasn’t quite ready for any insight

She looked at me and whispered…

Don’t bother they’re already here
The voices in my head makin’ it all unclear
I’m enclosed and surrounded by all these fears
I just wish this lifestyle would finally disappear

So I simply asked do you know what love is
Not the pleasures you’ve measured in ignorance
But the bliss that your heart can reminisce
The feeling of joy and one of purpose

It seems you’re enclosed in the dark
Allowin’ this mess to attack like a shark
Take a deep breath and analyze your past
Because from the sounds of it you don’t want this to last

All that you’ve tried in materials
Can’t be found in the spiritual
It’s time to step away from the physical
To allow your body some time to heal

What has been culminated isn’t what you deserve
You need to abandon the pressure of these pervs
There is someone out there much greater
That didn’t create you to reside in this torture

So take my hand let’s walk together
Get you to a place that can provide some shelter
Transform your life into somethin’ far better
Where you’ll be appreciated for more than just three letters

She again looked at me and whispered…

I’m glad you noticed me sittin’ over here
I was certain you weren’t just another stranger
I believe I’m ready to surpass these fears
So that finally this lifestyle can disappear

A Thank You

When I got into writing it was for fun
It still is, something I’ll enjoy until my life is done
I never imagined meeting all these kind souls
Intertwining with others across the globe was never the goal
But something that has been given as I step into this role

I highly appreciate everyone who has read
My work or even listened to my music instead
It means a lot to see others enjoy my creations
I aim to touch atleast one person in every situation

I don’t feel as if I should be “followed”
That isn’t a term I deem necessarily fitting
Unfortunately it is what most sites us as the terminology
I am grateful for those who do continue to support me
My thanks is greater than you’ll ever know

All the time you could’ve spent elsewhere
Or the millions of other things you could’ve done
It is still amazing to know you’ve been here
That you’ve joined me in this run

I’d like to think of myself as someone who is caring
So I hope you don’t mind me sharing
Your success is something that I wish to see
So below you will find your creativity

Some of the links appear to no longer be active, however these are still people that are tagged keeping track of my site here. Thank you all again, here’s to many more creations going forward!


I find myself swimming against the current
Not focused on my past, my future, but the present
I rise above the nonsense that gets displayed
I’m not one to get involved with petty charades

It isn’t in my plans to sink into the abyss
That produces any kind of detrimental experience
I want to avoid the dreadful temptations
Spread some positivity to all nations

Despite the barriers and vivid lines
There are problems that breach us time after time
No matter how hard we try, we simply can’t hide
Life catches up to all of us, cause we all die

We have free will to choose what we want
Yet many these days act so nonchalant
No care for the world just out there for selfish reasons
Causing all kinds of chaos their own personal treason

Many have just lost respect for themselves
Throwing their lives into the growing hell
They say they want better and to be well
But actions speak louder than words as far as I can tell

Since they can’t appreciate life they take it out on others
It doesn’t limit itself in any way, hatred always smothers
Anyone that gets in the way… strangers, friends, or family
It holds no bounds kind of like love, joy, and prosperity

Still so many choose the negative
They seek to destroy and eliminate the positive
Why is this you ask, because it is all rather relative
We face it in our daily lives, there’s no alternative

What is it on this day that you advocate
In which way does your lifestyle participate
Are you contributing to the side of benefit
Or allowing there to be a plethora of detriment

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