So many caught up in how they feel
The fact is you are truly loved and it’s real
Sadly society isn’t keen to that deal
As they’re caught up in other ideals

I’m not going to slander this holiday
But who’s to say love should be celebrated only one day
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a significant other
There are plenty of other things to hold dear amongst eachother

Time doesn’t heal all wounds unfortunately at this time
But giving yourself time allows you more opportunities to shine
All the sorrow and sadness that piles up in one’s thoughts
Doesn’t mean your life’s purpose is forever gone

There is someone out there who needs your kindness
Even if it is just the one you see in the mirror’s reflections
Celebrate the moments and memories that gave you happiness always
Because there are more experiences awaiting your presence in all days



A thread is all you need to make a pattern
So when times are tough stick with those who matter
Don’t try to go outside the lines
Keep holding tight to what’s right on the inside

There is always hope in tomorrow
For it begins a new day to move away from your sorrow
Letting go sometimes is the hardest thing
Especially if the one who hurts you the most is wearing a ring

Struggle is part of any process
The mountains and valleys help create progress
Without a test you never have a chance to build
So stick with this life and exercise your will

Strange Game

It’s a strange time
With each and every rhyme
I wake up the same
How is life a game

I take a look around
Guess what it is I found
It appears ever clear
And no, it isn’t fear

What shows most isn’t fame
Nor is it their given name
But the fact they carry around a lot of shame
I’m not the one to blame

The facts remain
There’s much to gain
But loss comes at a great cost
People wanting heat are caught in a frost
Wanting to be saved from their burdens, but their lost

We don’t choose birth
But with it we’re given worth
Some have said they want death instead
When success awaits, if they could control their head

Surprise, it comes and goes
The life we live, no other human truly knows
We’re all over the place in what we choose
Just always respect others and then you’ll never lose

Breathe in and breathe out
Blink your eyelids with or without doubt
You can continue to scream and shout
Or get focused to pursue the appropriate route


How much is ever enough
It seems we’re expected to do so much
Whether it is your family or friends
There is always a want in the end

We wake up and go to school
It is necessary for our intelligence to grow
We’ve been taught not to be fools
Yet get drowned by the ridiculousness that overflows

The media propaganda and imagery seen
Tries to illuminate something with no true meaning
Emphasizing the desire to want what we don’t have
To split our important priorities in halves

When we go to work expectations are high
Each person within their own role, simply defined
But often times there are those that want to take advantage of the kind
Throwing some of their workload onto someone who can be too nice

We go about our daily lives striving for more
Not really encompassing what could be in store
We just know we constantly crave something new
Why can’t what we already have ever do

Our design is intricate, our mind a mystery
Certain emotions unique to our species
Explanation and determination, two different playgrounds
But looking within quantity and quality both can be found

Explain yourself to yourself to evaluate your health
Be determined to improve so it can reverberate to others around you
Don’t be afraid to put a blip on the radar, no need for stealth
Live for the purpose you were meant for, not for the portrait other people drew

Glass House

What if we lived in a place without discrimination
Somewhere to call home and see everything clear
No violence, crudeness, or lens of deception
A place providing shelter, no existence of fears

Something that appears fragile and weak
But is actually unbreakable and classily sleek
The style and imagery that seem to matter
All fall away to the bottom rung of the ladder

Each step leads to something of more meaning
No sense of shallow behavior or signs that are misleading
A legendary sense of accomplishment bestowed
Because the walls would represent growth

Reinforced with the elements of hope and success
A mirror giving back all the positive reflections
The air purified and cleansed of any stress
Enclosed safely, but wide open to valid destinations

Lights that gleam encouragement and respect
Sounds of inspiration and desire
What a place it would be to detect
Considering the alternatives we can actually acquire


Many people have asked whether it be seriously or sarcastically “what is the meaning of life”? This can bring many forms of answers because this is a topic that it seems almost everyone has an opinion on. What is it that you view to be the meaning of life? For many people the answer is indeed different considering we are all unique and called to do different things with the choices we make and interests we develop. However, there is the common form of how we all are born and then die at some point in time. It doesn’t matter who you are this is the way you enter and exit this place we call Earth when we talk about life or living. Many people just subconsciously go about life taking in what they see around them and then apply it to themselves as the norm. There are also others that seek more of a distinct meaning to better aid them through their journey. Whichever way it is you are defining life, know that there is a deeper meaning and an actual purpose for each person that lives.

Living life stems many questions and decisions that everyone has to face. There are obstacles, trials, loss, and gain that everyone faces along their way. If you really dig deep and look at the simplistic definitions that surround life, everyone tends to experience the same sort of ordeals no matter their circumstance. There are varying degrees in how one may see or feel these types of matters, but none the less everyone will be introduced to the same forms of circumstance in some form or another over the course of their life. There isn’t anything that can change the fact in how similar we all live. We all have to eat, breathe, drink, and develop as time goes by in order to strive for something greater. Unknowingly we face the facts of having to progress and make change whether we like to or not. We are constantly being groomed for something greater in our lives each day that we wake up. There aren’t many people that observe this and then turn to the ways of discrimination and hatred for whatever reasons. It is quite sad that they allow themselves to slip into the mindset of demeaning someone, whether it is publicly or privately considering they themselves are much the same way when you examine the core of life itself. Just because people are of varying color, style, or location doesn’t make them any less of a person. The way I see it we are all on the same journey, which is living life.

Intentional practices tend to come into play to persuade or aid people in the way that they go about their daily lives. If you speak in terms of normalcy or radical behavior you can usually see within someone’s actions that there is some form of intentional reasoning behind their choice to do so. Whether they want to just prove a point or if that is just simply how they have chosen to go about their walk, it is blatant that there is something that drives them to do so. With the challenges we face on a day to day basis we usually have more than one direction we can take. There are various tasks that we deem to be important, but usually choose something else to do to help mask over the time we need to spend taking care of that specific task. Whether or not we actually want to spend the time and energy to fulfill the important task at hand is what separates us from one another. There are so many distractions that takes us in different directions or delay us in finding or seeing something that was meant for us. Sometimes we intentionally choose to be distracted to fulfill a form of enjoyment or pleasure that allows us to feel good until we have to face the reality of our responsibilities at hand. Lots of people deem this term as procrastination, but more and more lately it just seems that the case is laziness, unwillingness, or simply being unmotivated. We have all came to this form of crossroads in our lives in some form or another, whether it was as simple as a school assignment or deciding what you wanted to do on your day off. There are so many people out there that need help, especially the person you see in the mirror. Intentionally living to strive to make situations better is something that was once a common practice. If that mindset gets taken seriously again and implemented it could help progress societies to get through these walls they are continually being presented with all over the world.

Formations in today’s way of living are becoming blurred to the extent you can hardly tell who anyone truly is anymore. There are many people that make a point to stand out and be independent, while others just allow fashion, music, or some other form of entertainment define who it is you see when you interact with them. What is it that promoted memory lapse or brainwashed types of behavior? When did people who say they want to be themselves and act on their own accord constantly start acting as if they were being controlled and manipulated by the materials they continue to surround themselves with? Those types of people are often times not aware of the hidden advertisement or structure that they make themselves. In essence a lot of times these people are supporting a hidden agenda they aren’t aware of, but still continue to support a particular person who is quietly putting into motion a movement that is meant to do harm rather than good. When you go about your daily living who are you doing it for? What is your role on any given day when you wake up? Who is it you feel you are being loyal to on a daily basis? Is there something or someone you feel is the most important part of your day? Is there something you feel is almost required in order for you to go about your day, such as an activity you must take part in before you sleep or quickly after you wake up? Within the answers to these questions you can learn a lot about yourself and kind of develop the sense of where your formation lies. There are a lot of hidden things within our mind that life can bring out of us, typically how you tend to act or dance when put in certain environments is a simplistic example. What is it that you typically get drawn to do in that type of situation that requires reaction rather than thinking? How do you tend to express yourself in that fashion, do you try to model yourself after someone you’ve seen or heard in the entertainment world or is it more of a unique self expression? Are you comfortable doing so alone or do you require others to be around you, can you dance freely or do you require another person to hold and touch? You can look at it how you want, but a lot of that stems from who you are deep down in the subconscious. Often times the most simplistic experiences can inform you of the deepest formations that lie within a person.

External influences tend to get the best of some people or more accurately put, they almost always do. When you put yourself into a public spectacle how often do you think of what it is the people around you will be thinking? That in part usually predicts how you are going to prepare yourself and limits yourself from truly going about your business in the way you wish to do so. That is how many people get undermined and brought down is through things that never actually happen, but the thoughts that they themselves put in their own heads. Have you ever wondered why you often do that to yourself? I mean why do so many people only show through action that they love themselves, but in turn are so effected by what other people “may” think? How is it that people can make up these oddities in their head to prevent themselves from truly seeing the outcome? Why is it that there is that roadblock in the minds of many people? I find that in most cases of controversy or representing something you are very passionate about is when this type of instance takes place the most. Why are so many people concerned of being “right” or “wrong”, why is there the stigma of doing good or doing evil? How can people come through and still say that there aren’t other forces at work, when it is so obvious that there is many unexplained phenomena in just how people live on a day to day basis.

Every day presents the opportunity to see that there is something that lies beyond our typical scope of life. Actions by ordinary people help explain and show this on a frequent basis, whether or not you grasp it is another story. How can you explain fear or regret to me? How is it that many of these unspoken or shown instincts can spur up commonly within every single person on this Earth? With all of the varying languages, cultures, and locations you still see the same simplistic example arise that I had mentioned before. They all have different external influences just in climate and culture themselves, but still maintain the thought of good, evil, right, wrong, and common emotions in general. When you take away the differences of the surroundings, every person is in fact much the same. We all are born, have a journey, and then die. Why is there the opportunity to impact this place we all inhabit? Why is there the right to be free in how we go about decisions and display ourselves to others? How is it that everyone has it instilled within their minds no matter what is presented to them in life of being good or evil/right or wrong? The answer is quite simple and it lies within the fact of an eternal state.

(L.I.F.E.) is simply put out there as what we all have and progress with as time goes by. I would like to introduce that within this particular acronym my definition is to (Live Intentionally For Eternity). We are all given free will and choice, which if you look back wasn’t always the case. Even with people that are in particular struggling nations who don’t necessarily get the opportunity to speak up and influence their lifestyles or society, they still have the freedom to choose their allegiance. Like previously stated good and evil/right and wrong exist amongst everyone on this planet. There is only one race on this Earth that can distinguish the difference of those particular subjects and that has reign over all other species, which is us the Humans. You can try and explain this through various earthly topics, but what is your explanation for living in general. Why is it that we as people have to have reasons for our actions, yet the common consensus amongst the doubters is that we live for NO reason? How does that make sense, you are trying to give and find a “reason” for us to be living for NO “reason”, what?!? I don’t understand the logic of those types of people, considering they claim it is “logic” that they build most of their arguments on to begin with… how can one go about believing anything they say? Eternity exists just as good, evil, right, wrong, truth, and false does. If you take a second and acknowledge how much they conflict on a day to day basis here amongst us, it is quite obvious to see there is an ongoing battle. What is this battle going on for then if not for eternity? Why would a lot of this be happening on the earth if the earth seemingly just popped up out of nowhere and has no significant meaning? The answer is that it wouldn’t be happening, Heaven and Hell are real people. Look at the signs that are displayed to you and decide what side it is you are on.

How have you been living your life when put in context to good/evil, right/wrong, and truth/false? Do you treat your body well or do you recklessly treat it harmfully? Many people damage their body for the quest of “fun” or “social” experiences, but what in their right minds would drive them to do such a thing that could lead to an early death? With all of the consequences that surround drugs, alcohol, and reckless sexual encounters how could one consciously decide to partake in them? The fact of the matter is something else is influencing them to do such things, why would one want to punish their body or risk an uncomfortable life in order to dip into these things? Especially the people that feel as if life ends here, why would you want to try and end your one chance sooner rather than the full expected extent of time? The answer is simple, their judgment and thought process is being clouded by something they can’t control. I mean you hear the phrase “we only have one life to live, so we have to live it to the fullest”, which is funny considering a lot of the situations people try and use that phrase for would lead to either the end of a life or circumstances that wouldn’t allow them to exemplify that phrase. What consequences do you tend to see for people who get put into situations they didn’t want? The answer is evil, treacherous, and wrong. Some quick examples are abortion (murder), rape, car accidents, financial debt, and STD’s.

There is more to life than what meets the eye, everyone should be able to know that. We can’t see air, yet we have faith that when we breathe our body will take it in. We can’t control emotions, yet they are there with us on a daily basis. Think about those statements on top of all the other examples that are present in daily living amongst yourself or in the world around you. Don’t let your senses control you into doing things that aren’t beneficial to yourself and others around you. The words deceit, tricks, illusion, and manipulation exist for a reason… don’t allow those words to consume you into their explanation. Lots of people want things to be given to them freely whether it is money, work, or materialistic things… yet they do not want to accept the most important free gift they could ever receive and that is Salvation. Open your eyes and look at the troubles going on, the end times are near. Avoid the distractions for a second so you can make the choice that effects the rest of your life on earth and for eternity. Everyone can be saved and taught the realities of eternity. Whether or not you choose to is another story. Life isn’t as complicated as many make it out to be, you just have to be willing to gather the understanding necessary to learn how to view it correctly. Accept the gift that Christ laid down for you at the cross, let your mind access the truth that is the word of God. There is a purpose that is waiting for you to find it, please seek it out and take advantage of it.

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