We’re now looking ahead to the new days
Remembering the past having the good and bad days
No matter what it is that anyone says
We’ve been through a lot of suspense
The situations we’ve faced and rose above
Lead us to the point where we have that strong love
A bond that cannot be broken
Unshaken in the face of all the doubt that gets spoken
Even though our lives will take different paths
The bond is always something that will continue to last
Our stories knitted together since your beginning
We’ve put together quite the journey of winning
Accomplishments were made and lessons learned
Our light that shines is meant to brighten not burn
As you walk into this next chapter I hope I’ve done right by you
So that you can hold your head high and lead her too


Need or Greed

A lot of heartbreak going on these days
With many treating relationships as if it’s a game
It’s sad to hear about all the charades
Since so many are suffering as a result of the shames
Nobody taking responsibility for the chatter
Male or female it doesn’t even matter
Since they don’t enact what it is they’re after
Just rather complain about the way things are shattered
Instead of helping to change the culture
They’d rather continue to get picked at by another vulture
So quick to rush into the next
I’m curious if anyone truly has self respect
If you give so freely that which should be saved
What is left to commit to if that’s their only reason to stay
Patience obviously needs to grow
Awareness and understanding need to flow
These “needs” that many focus on
Aren’t worth your constant dips into depression


A thread is all you need to make a pattern
So when times are tough stick with those who matter
Don’t try to go outside the lines
Keep holding tight to what’s right on the inside

There is always hope in tomorrow
For it begins a new day to move away from your sorrow
Letting go sometimes is the hardest thing
Especially if the one who hurts you the most is wearing a ring

Struggle is part of any process
The mountains and valleys help create progress
Without a test you never have a chance to build
So stick with this life and exercise your will


I’ll never have the opportunity to hold my own child
Since this world is messed up with no virgins for miles and miles
It’s not just them it’s me, I’m just so fed up mentally

No judging, your business is your choice
When it comes to personal matchmaking though I have a voice
Been a straight edge since day one
And I’ve still been able to enjoy mass amounts of fun

Some require a little extra boost
For them though it’s what makes them lose
Not going to settle, it isn’t my style
I gave up the idea of marriage going back now awhile

Still to this day I get the questions
Just bounce, I’m fed up with those conversations
You introduce me to a Christian virgin above 23
I’ll call you both liars since the age for sex is lowered for the ladies

With each breath I maintain a rage
Like the Hulk constantly angry to keep it caged
I’m a nice guy, raised a gentleman
Never would I say something explicitly negative

However, I’m not afraid to state the facts
People want to poke me to see how I react
A little of this and a little of that
No woman for me, I’m solo… it’s been a nice chat

I despise the lies and expectations
They want to bring up the discussion
Just to be confused with how the world really works
I don’t need to explain myself further I’m not interested in the perks

I’ve seen confidence, beauty, and plenty of worth
But the core 5 things just can’t be found on this Earth
Perhaps I was brought this far for a reason
The reason I’ve stated already to remain single no matter the season

Nobody seems to hear it though as if they’re not ready
Just because I’m aging doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a life that’s steady
If it was God’s will for me to be a husband
I believe some choices of mine already ruined that plan
Regardless, He’d see it through if it was supposed to happen

Far in the past now where those memories belong
No need to try to replay it in my head like a catchy song
It’s hard at times to look forward not knowing your legacy
Living a life with purpose isn’t always easy

Many want to cop out and blame others or God above
I don’t need that outlet I’m more than man enough
To own up to my decisions and hold true to His wishes
Responsibility takes many shapes, but so do different ambitions

Refraining from the temptations was quite a daunting task
Which is why I have my certain standards that will always last
Enjoy your relationships and treat them with great seriousness
Since they aren’t guaranteed and many these days don’t result in success

Too many focused on themselves and being flirty
Leaving all sorts of openings for affairs and adultery
Each and every time it is sad to see, so how can I trust
It’s just better to do what I’ve done and avoid this relationship stuff

In this day and age love needs to pull out ahead
With that being said, I’m referring to the true definition
Temporary pleasures aren’t what make things great
It’s the depths of emotional connection over time between two mind states

If you’ve found that lifeline, I applaud your discovery
Some search a lifetime without any, forcing themselves into recovery
I’m well aware every person has their own journey
Just wish more would acknowledge that fact as I enjoy my own without worry


I may catch a lot of hate
That’s fine, that’s great
It isn’t easy bein’ right
But well worth the fight

You know me, I say only in marriage
With many, they’ll just disparage
That’s fine, I realize difference
Everyone has free will insistence

Regardless we can all agree
There shouldn’t be sex without that respect degree
So many voice how they’ve been used
Or mistreated and at times mentally abused

It’s a vicious cycle this sexual craze
With everyone scramblin’ through this maze
It leaves many in a haze
Focused on one thing as they steadily gaze

I’m tired of hearin’ the complaints
When it was their choice to taint
Their special gift
Through means that are illegitimate

It isn’t so much the whining
As it is the stupidity and timing
Actions speak louder than words
So if you don’t get respect expect the absurd

Just because someone says one thing
Doesn’t mean you should submit willingly
There are more lies to acquire pleasure
Than you will ever be able to measure

If one can’t bother to commit
You can bet their intent isn’t legit
So many aspects to a relationship
Why focus on sex when so much more is relevant

Many these days intertwine before they kiss
If you look at a target, that’s clearly a miss
The switch needs to be flipped
Back to romance, chivalry, and courtship

No need for unwanted pregnancies and disease
Or the development to be in the realm of cheat
So many are depleted and relationships ruined
All because sex was willy nilly, not knowin’ what they’re doin’

If you don’t get respect, why give sex
Somethin’ so special, somethin’ so complex
There’s no reason to sell yourself short
Maintain your integrity, no need for the export

But let’s be real for a second
Many just don’t have self respect
Which leaves cracks in their dignity
Allowin’ for the messes of insanity

No respect… No sex
It’s a simple concept
Even though our views may be different on when
That principle should still apply over and over again


When you view your significant other what do you see
Do you fall back to the first time you met respectfully
Or perhaps focus on the current time that you’re living

Will there be more chapters to this story
Will the love continue to grow successfully
Are you doing your part to prolong the journey

Ask yourself if you told them how much you care
Each and every day they deserve to be treated fair
Hold them tightly even when there may be despair

Whether you’re looking back or looking ahead
The love that once was should still be spread
If it has grown that is great, but if you feel it’s fading prevent its death

Invest in the good memories that you shared
Back when you were gitty at every situation, perhaps a little scared
Get back to the roots that got you initially paired

Times change as do each of us
Life together though should be a plus
Give them a reason to trust

Express your love
Let them know when push comes to shove
That you’re theirs and they are yours, even when times are tough


There once was a young lady
She was unhappy being married
She didn’t receive much attention
Her husband didn’t learn the lesson

This is becoming all too common
Both sides tied up in drama
Not willing to make changes
Instead they want to erase the pages

They once shared a story
Now they’d rather throw away that glory
A love that was once shared
Too distracted now to make the repairs

Too focused on being happy
Instead of improving what’s crappy
Both sides to blame in such tragedy
When in the past it was nothing but harmony

Life isn’t easy, neither are relationships
If you feel that you can’t always commit
Don’t waste your time within
Because both sides will end up sufferin’

Last Virgin Standing

To some it’s a hard concept to understand
Because of what society seems to demand
It isn’t hard to follow a simple plan
However not many people really can

So what if I don’t want to give in
I’d rather live pure than further delve in sin
Why be so quick to cheat on my future wife
When I can change this label at a more appropriate time in life

I see many feeding their frenzy all around me
That’s cool more power to them really
I’m happy I can announce I don’t carry a disease
Or have to explain to my parents why I suddenly have an unexpected baby

I know parents these days who expect their kids to utilize abstinence
When they themselves failed to even follow its true definition
Then they’ll turn to somebody else and have the audacity to say hypocrite
It’s not hard to live the way that I do, but again people try to insult me for it

I’m not afraid to make the stance
I love to dance, just not the form in which our world is entranced
Temptation always lingers but I’m proud to have the strength to resist
I know many who took the opposite action to later express regret
Which isn’t something I’d ever want to feel again, so sex gets dismissed

Virgin is a word that appears to be a new insult
When all it displays is a choice to abstain from this new crazed cult
Can try to insult my choice all you want it isn’t yours to make
I respect you, which is why I don’t judge what you did to break

Many people who are the same are eager to fade
But I ask why be in such a rush to get laid
It would seem there aren’t many of us left standing
Many are lying in wait or on their knees begging
I’ll remain here on my feet thank you very much, till I’m married

There are those who choose differently than I, which is fine
Just don’t try to persuade me that my choice is yours to decline
Respect it or move on forward
Cause sex isn’t something I’m moving toward

I prefer to be unique as it is
Therefore yes, I’m proud to be a Virgin
The fact that I’ve been through high school and college
Has given me a broad look and vast knowledge

It’s allowed me to see I’m not missing much
I don’t need to experience that elevated form of touch
The masses can disagree all they want
But the number 0 is the one I’ll flaunt

I’ve never been accused of mistreatment toward a woman
That is how I prefer to be remembered
To indulge in such a gift without showing any commitment isn’t my regimen
I’d rather build them up rather than tear them down for a sexual endeavor

Can knock it all you want, but I can be like you at any time
I’ll continue to embrace this view in which I hold dearly
To remain diligent toward a life focused on what’s divine
Because it has always made me see my surroundings clearly

I’m just a simple man, who made a simple choice
I’m a man of my word, so I remain with this voice
Will my abstinence ever change, only when I get Married
If that doesn’t happen then Virgin status will continue to be carried

There aren’t many of us left and there isn’t much support
However I’ll stand at the frontlines always ready to report

New Tides

In this day and age it seems to be just a piece
A piece of paper that holds almost no meaning
Yet, there are a few that I see holding steady
Allowing for it to bring newness and make their lives exciting

Marriage a true gift and union of love
I am proud to know the individuals taking it seriously becoming one
Holding true to values and morality in their pursuit
Not allowing temptation to ruin their views

Many around me now getting married and engaged
For some it’s another walk in the park, while for others it’s the first time on stage
Experiencing everything new that should come along with the commitment
Rather than dipping into the bag of treats before hand

Seeing how they glow for the one they will marry
Is so refreshing to see since these days it is a rarity
I am proud to know these people stepping away from the crowd
Doing it the way it was meant to be before other tragedies were found

Even though it is the beginning of their lives together
I can see the desire that burns in their hearts for one another
Plus if they can overcome being so unique for this time
I know their remaining lives bound with each other will be fine

God Bless all of those taking this next step in their adventure
Turning to a new chapter in their lives, I hope all remains pure
It is my wish you remain loyal and faithful in this endeavor
For your love can only grow from here if you build up and invest in your partner forever

1 Man 1 Woman

Where is the debate
Why is it hate
What is there to contemplate
Who is it that discriminates
When was it wrong to be straight

With the anatomy of our bodies
It purely gives proof we should reproduce
1 Man, 1 Woman is what it takes
This is not a mistake
How can it be argued by anybody
Marriage is a bond that is intended to create
Create love, create family, create opportunity
1 Man, 1 Woman… no excuse

Why get criticized for these beliefs
Why do we get accused of hate
Why do gays legitimize their agenda
To tear down the gate of fate
That has been established since the first days

How is it right to put on a parade
That is for gay’s, but not for the straight
How is it correct to proclaim gay
But to discuss straight is considered shady

This isn’t about a human ideal
The emphasis on a bond is spiritual
When does “love” become real
Marry the same, what do you gain
Is it then that incest and bestiality are ok

A line has been drawn since time begun
We humans are the prize creation
1 Man and 1 Woman make the doctrine correct
Opposites are what makes a mate legitimate

How do homosexuals think they were born
Was it through their ways or heterosexual form
Can’t see where they can go against straight
They wouldn’t have life without it being that way

1 Man, 1 Woman is what makes marriage
1 Man, 1 Woman is what makes a couple
1 Man, 1 Woman put babies in the carriage
1 Man, 1 Woman make life supple

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