Knock Knock

For some it’s the beginning of a joke
While for others the sound before tragic news
Information that leaves them feeling emotionally broke
Cause it’s the death of a loved one for which they didn’t choose

Many things these days get celebrated
Most of which don’t deserve the accolades
Many things get spoken of in order to be inflated
Most of which shouldn’t even get the time of day

There’s a problem when courage isn’t rewarded
When attention isn’t given to those who sacrifice for our nation
Just because danger is in their job description
Doesn’t mean they should lack proper respect being awarded

It is an extreme tragedy for many families
When the one who chose to serve falls in the line of duty
This happens all too often without any notoriety
Don’t get me wrong I understand the concept of privacy
Just seems the element of publicly caring should be displayed properly

I can’t imagine the pain for those who open the door to face that weight
What it may be that runs through their mind on that day
Knowing the gap in time since they last saw them may have been great
It is a sad truth that happens often causing much dismay

These service men and women deserve remembrance
As well as their families receiving supportive assistance
There shouldn’t be any need for others to be made convinced
It’s a simple act of unity and grace amongst fellow citizens
That seems to be lacking within these new generations

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