Many people think she has it all
Trying to hit her up for the call
Wondering how she could be single
So they continue the efforts to mingle

Their primary concern is the look she presents
When they have no clue what’s going on in her head
Struggling to wake up each day
As the momentum of depression has its way

Still looking pleasant with a beautiful essence
But you can’t always believe the surface suggestion
The realness is what lies beneath the initial impression
So take the time to realize the entirety of a person

She puts on a good show for those around her
Even though her thoughts continue to burn
It’s not easy being at the center of a whirlwind of emotion
Seeing everything spin out of control with so much commotion

As I sit back and view from afar
I just hope she can hear my kind remarks
I hope they can reach the storm she’s in
Before another layer of her confidence thins



There are many rhythms in this beat of life
Some provide euphoria and others strife
What reason have you been put under the knife

Do people dissect your every move
Do they judge without having a clue
Do others not offer ways to improve
Do bystanders simply just ignore you

Mental and physical a land of mystery
The human life is quite the journey
So many variables to make them all differing

One can have success
One will have lots of tests
One should do that or this
One could bring forth bliss

How it all shakes out is determined
Will your story be facts or fiction
What you say and how others perceive
Will in the end portray your legacy


Put us in water, we are all wet
Put us in fire, we all burn
In order to live we all need that next breath
We’re a lot alike as this world turns

Despite the segregations and stereotypes
Humans are one race, one kind
Don’t get caught up in the hype
Open your hearts and recognize the signs

We all have been born and entered in naked
We’ll all die at some point in time
We all need our vital organs to live
The facts are there without the grime

Hatred is learned and developed
Simply put, there’s no real need for it
Love can conquer all things and be felt throughout
Let it resonate within your journey to silence all doubt

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