Want to make a difference, than seize it
Want to see change, you’re green lit
Want your voice heard, than scream it
Want to be taken serious, just mean it

Lies dry, emotions fly
Ill time, faded lines
Cautious actions taken
Yet, you still feel forsaken

Pros and cons, which side are you on
Risk and reward, will you press forward
Cause and effect, what’s your prospect

You lie awake
Thinking about the mistakes
And the pains of heartache

To see change, you must be it
To heal pain, you must seal it

Not knowing what’s next is a mystery
Just don’t let it prevent your delivery

It’s best to pursue your dreams freely

So… do you see what I see



Our mind is a vast place
In this life, we’re not limited space
The brain yearns to learn with much hunger
Give it something worthwhile to ponder

Don’t withhold information
Utilize the capabilities within
Provide meaningful intelligence for further expansion
Try not to end the flow of progression

It is important to continue to broaden our horizons
The best way is through more education
Hit the books or hit the streets
Life lessons can be experienced wherever you please

Just don’t sell yourself short
Quit limiting your potential
The methods are out there for support
Growth after all is a priority that is quite essential

Feed your mind with quality over quantity
Your life and body will thank you plenty
Serenity and stress continue to battle in our brain activity
What transpires daily, will echo where you’d like to see humanity

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