All this time that’s passed me by
I question the effort that I’ve tried
To really be someone who stands out
To be someone who can conquer the doubts
Being there for someone else in a time of need
Without them feeling as if I’m doing it for greed
The society has shifted to taint perceptions of charity
Doing something just to help without an attachment to money
Many feel you expect something in return if you give
Why is it no longer just acceptable to be positive in how you live
With all the people crying out, they shouldn’t be put down in shame
They’re only human at the end of the day
Life is serious we can’t overlook the responsibility
The purpose to truly utilize our unique individual personalities
Perfection is something that many are out there to seek
Little do they know that chase is what makes them weak



I know that our love hasn’t met
But everything about you is hard to forget
The laugh, the speech, the smile, the meet
All of you has me on the edge of my seat

I can hardly wait each day to experience you
A longing that was gone the last I knew
But you’ve revived that essence of connection
Giving me hope once again to develop certain affection

Delivering a calm in the storm
Your very presence brings forth the warmth
An innocence long lost in this generation
The very elegance of rareness is within your foundation

Every aspect of you is of interest
That’s why this feeling of mine persists
An adventure awaits for us to learn more
I can hardly wait to encounter what’s in store


If they say life is a beach
Then girl let your love shine down on me
Like the glass of the sea
I want to create sparkles in your eyes for all to see
Giving you the warmth of the sand
While I forever embrace your hand
To provide a nudge in the right direction
Like the breeze that gives you a relaxed sensation
A time of paradise to uplift you to a peaceful destination
Leaving an impact on you like the tan in your skin


All you ladies who have guys call you sexy
Need to do a little evaluating before really connecting
Because they shouldn’t just want you physically
Nor just romance you emotionally or spiritually
They should appreciate the true beauty of your entire being
To be focused on learning you entirely
Seeking to commit to you fully before experiencing everything

But, that’s just me and my feelings

So many these days get caught in the array
Claiming they don’t have choices after choosing a few mistakes
Each day begins anew and time passes you by without a second take
So be sure to truly anticipate who it is you let in today
There’s never a guarantee on what will transpire
Just make sure that they have more than a single desire
Or else you may be left wondering how you are left in a wildfire

But again, that’s just me and my feelings

The physical is said to cause a chemical reaction
What stems in the brain though is a connection
All that you’ve learned and experienced are in correlation
Having many variables result in one thought or notion
With everything that comes into play in a decision
There shouldn’t be anything taken lightly when it comes to relations
So truly assess what each element is telling you and if the other person fits the suggestion

But sincerely, that’s just me and my feelings


I’ve waited waited and waited
But you’ve faded faded and faded
A distant dream of my memory
Now it doesn’t matter what anyone tells me

The notion of quality
With standards that are nifty
At long last, it’s almost as if
None of them no longer exist

They can’t be found, just like you
Someone who took my thoughts, or at least use to
Now left empty with nothing in sight
Alone at last through the night

No questions of wonder
No questions to put me under
No question of when or how
Just the answers of the here and now


The beauty you hold is the standard
That will always be my answer
Whatever makeup you decide or flow of the hair
All the other shapes, sizes, and styles can’t compare

You’re the one I hold dear
When we first started, to year after year
In case I haven’t made it clear
I want to be your love that’s always near

The truth is I want to protect and hold you close
I’m intrigued by the person you are beyond the clothes
I want to support your endeavors and be a part of your adventure
Keeping you encouraged and uplifted because you’re my treasure

To me it isn’t about your image because I see grace
The kindness you hold in your heart reflected by the smile on your face
Actions speak louder than words, so let me be your resting place
I’ll always prove that you’re safest within my embrace

There’s nothing we can’t do
You’re the one for me, I always knew
Each time you ask how you look
Again, there’s no one as gorgeous all around in my book


Grace fills the room each time you walk in
There isn’t another place I think I would’ve rather been
Each time I lay my eyes on you, time seems to rest
The moments and memories with you represent the best

I’ve been tested and tried, but each time you’re the one that shines
It wasn’t always easy to turn away from the ideas that were mine
However, with you… there is never a regret that enters my mind
You deserve the best from me at all times

You’ve made me a better man
You’ve saved me from the quicksand
When I’m lost, you’re always there to be found
With you, I’m never imprisoned by doubts

Our relationship isn’t something that is new
And even though times change, I’ll always love you


I feel as if I’m missing something
You said one thing, but act another
What is it that you’re really meaning
Am I distant from you or close like a brother

Confused with the notion in which you speak
Excited and love to see me, but have plans deterring
Parasitic it seems to me, like a one way street
Not much reciprocation in the effort of the meet we’re referring

I’m closed up at the aspect of going forward
The future holds uncertainty and our past plenty
What does the present define if there isn’t much to look toward
Should we call it quits as we part ways or keep interacting

The answers remain a mystery
The communication a conspiracy
The time falling away empty
The stress of it all unworthy

Would enjoy some clarity
Would appreciate some specificity
Would love some solidarity
Would like if your words and actions had some similarity

Analysis can be tricky
Hard to receive anything other than honesty
Considering I’ve been nothing but truth giving
I know the heart and mind are separate, but where’s the unity


(This was a verse I had written for a song in which I ended up scrapping because I took the song in a different direction)

I remember your scent, your touch
Was somethin’ I wanted forever girl
I loved you so much, so much
You invigorated my mind, it was a thrill

I came to be a better man by your hands
It was a delight, when you were in my sight
I was always glad we were more than just friends
I miss your intuition and your insight

Why did we part ways though, it all felt so real
I never wanted to live another day apart
Your love was all I wanted to feel
How did we get here after such a great start

The memories will be haunting me
I thought we had somethin’ great
You were my sunshine, my everything
I wish I knew the reason, to end this internal debate

Because without your presence I feel lost
I could’ve never imagined this life with you gone


When it comes to relationships I don’t play games
I don’t think it’s appropriate for any charades
I’m pretty clear with my intentions
However, these days the field doesn’t welcome a gentleman

Hard to go out and remain how I was raised
When everything these days appears to be a game
All kinds of different nuances, nothing is the same
Yet, some of my unique aspects still get praised

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never change
You’ll never see me become a scumbag
I’ll never fall into the category for the deranged
I’d rather surrender and wave the white flag

All too often I see unhappiness roaming about
Seeing some quality people facing great pains
As I move forward all I seem to view is doubt
When will society again see love experience a gain

So many lies and time spent looking at tape
Why not live a little truth and acquire something great
It’s almost as if this aspect of life needs to be reshaped
Redone… remade… so it can start with a clean slate

Hard to perceive what is to come
We all have free will, the choices of freedom
Can we escape the ridiculous plots we’ve made
Or are the discrepancies to deep to evade

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