Broken Dreams

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1st Verse:
Everyone out there workin’ hard
Gettin’ that money for a house and car
So many wantin’ a form of fame
Anything for millions to know their name

They sell themselves to the highest bidder
Whatever it takes to reach the top quicker
No real sense of safety or morality
Just the rush to get the status of celebrity

Too many these days forfeit what they love
Because it doesn’t get them riches they heard of
It’s a sad sight to see them give up the fight
The reality of a crushed dream and no delight

Lots of people don’t even put in the effort
Due to the fact they feel they have no worth
Those feelings of regret begin to creep in
Without ever allowin’ themselves to begin

It’s not a one way street of guarantee
But without tryin’ who knows what they’re missing
There needs to be a little more belief
So their lives aren’t robbed by self pity

Hook (x2):
A lack of confidence, a low self esteem
The pursuit of happiness gone to the broken dreams
Re-evaluation needed to get back clean
Keep hope alive to overcome the obscene

2nd Verse:
So many young women with beauty
Feelin’ as if sex appeal is their duty
So many aspire to get into modeling
But end up in the realms of pornography

Some truly seek to be genuinely classy
But can’t control the costs of entry
There are those forced into human trafficking
The last thing they wanted was slavery

The fact that this rampant objectivity
Is closing the door on more dreams
By creating nightmares for many ladies
Diminishing lives and their priorities
It’s sickening to say the least

I can’t fathom the amount of betrayal
Lookin’ in the mirror as a different portrayal
The life they once dreamed for
Is being treated like trash thrown out the door

By stayin’ smart with their decision process
Many more can avoid all of those losses
They just need to be educated of the signs
To know they’re not destined for that type of decline

Hook (x2):
A lack of confidence, a low self esteem
The pursuit of happiness gone to the broken dreams
Re-evaluation needed to get back clean
Keep hope alive to overcome the obscene

Don’t get trapped
And don’t hold yourselves back
This life doesn’t last
So get your dreams on the right track


Fly Away

Listen Here:

1st Verse:
I’ve been told time and time again
I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do that
Whatever happened to straight livin’
Doin’ somethin’ that makes an impact

Held myself back all these years
All for the sake of personal sacrifice
People want to judge me, claimin’ fears
When it is just the reality of bein’ nice

I know what I’m doin, no need to worry
Life isn’t guaranteed tomorrow, I know
I’m just not one to get caught in the flurry
Because every breath that I take, I grow

Pushin’ through the negative aspects
Never to get caught up in the feedback
I live for a purpose, to serve and protect
It’s by design that I’m in a creative track

Sometimes I’m accepted, other times I’m not
Despite these circumstances, I move on
‘Cause I know salvation is what I got
Never to be turned away again with God’s Son

The love we all want, I already achieved
All that is necessary is the element of belief

2nd Verse:
I open my eyes to all the possibilities
His light shines, it has nothin’ to do with mine
I’m in pursuit of what it is He needs
Climbin’ these mountains time after time

Life can be unfair and/or unkind
We just have to persevere always
Never to let the anger control our minds
Let our hearts beat a pulse of hope each day

When it rains it pours, I’ve been there
I’ve heard the same criticisms you do
I’m still here though, still showin’ I care
Don’t get defeated, you can make it through

I say these things because I believe it
I wouldn’t lie to you for a second
No matter what it is, you can get through it
We all just have to remain invested

Develop a good work ethic, if you don’t have it
The choices we face are all too common
Stay focused on the appropriate perspective
Formulate what it is you become by your definition

I’m still sortin’ out the signs myself
I work toward goals though, not a sense of wealth

3rd Verse:
When I’m in bed at night and begin to pray
I think of all the homeless and hungry
I fall asleep with dreams of that ending one day
It’s sad to see how it is in some other countries

Even here at home, we’re starving for answers
The success of yesterday doesn’t compute
The new age of direction can’t seem to be bothered
Despite it sinkin’ us down into further disputes

I’m stricken at the notion of seein’ selfishness
Because in order to progress, we all need to strengthen
The meek inherit the Earth, but not without His blessin’
So if we turn our backs as a nation, wrath is our destination

I want to reach a whole new level in time
But I know it is undoable without faith
You and I together have to produce shine
Otherwise, we may continue on in a detrimental state

Hold your head up high and swallow your pride
Remembrance of what is valid and true is needed
An idea can carry a lot of weight and is hard to hide
We need to unify upon moral principles, not have them deleted

Never be afraid to set difficult goals
Or pursue what your heart truly desires
Always allow yourself to soar for your dreams

Get Back Up

(Listen Here) “Get Back Up” [Feat. Anna]

1st Verse:
When life kicks you down, don’t frown
Turn it upside down and don’t drown
Shine that light that fuels a plight of insight
Remember that your value is worth the fight

Overcome these troubles with a soft touch
Right now it might not seem like much
But your effort is key to achieving your dream
So don’t build up any ravenous steam

Unleash toward the goal of success
It’s not suppose to be an easy test
Stress lives, but don’t let it rule
Worry causes suspense, so don’t play the fool

Dwellin on the nonsense isn’t your role
There’s too much that can’t be controlled
Just remember that tomorrow is a new day
And you can’t change what happened yesterday

But believe that everything happens for a reason
There’s always hope in the new season
Decide to improve instead of settlin for less
Because you gotta get back up out of this mess

2nd Verse:
Don’t let others dictate your fate
It’s your life and story to make great
Their negativity is just a distraction
Ignore it so that you can continue elevation

Words may hurt, but they aren’t permanent
Your will can erase those pains of the ignorant
As long as you’re breathin you’re not defeated
Keep moving forward until life is completed

Rise above the influence of deceit
You’re not made to be instilled in grief
Remainin stagnant is never an option
There’s too much at stake to have no motion

Follow what it is that provides hope
Because it will aid you before saying no
Shed away those who can’t support growth
Even if that means you have to stand alone

The flesh will always fail, but spirit always lives
Just because a person turns away, doesn’t mean you can’t lift
God will provide all you need in the end
If you accept Him and remain invested

3rd Verse:
You may not know it but you have influence
Those around you are closely taking notice
Your actions speak louder than words
So always let something positive be heard

Get back up each and every time
Don’t ever let there be a final line
You’re far too valuable to give up
Life isn’t easy, but you too are tough

Embrace the heartache that made you strong
The essence of victory is never wrong
Though the process can be ever so long
The journey will produce a more vibrant song

You’ve tasted it before overcoming troubles for success
Keep striving to continue that now in the present
Don’t let your fierce determination lie in the past
That feelin of happiness needs to last

Open your heart and mind up to motivation
That is where you once found resolution
The strength has always been there, you know this
Allow it to dwell again so that you can remain courageous

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