When tragedy strikes it often goes one of two ways
You grieve and try to move on or let yourself get lost each day
When strength is needed sometimes only sorrow is met
Where does the comfort come from that we all want to get

The answer for me is quite simple, but still isn’t easy to have
Our human mind can interfere with the proper plan
As time moves forward the pain doesn’t seem to cease
Which is what makes it difficult to allow the peace

With loved ones surrounding the situation that is another way to lean
Yet many rather choose instead to do something unclean
All sorts of emotions flying around the experience
Everyone is different and the routes they can go contain many variants

When a loss is suffered nothing is guaranteed
As the lives of those left behind then have new needs
A hole is created that nobody else can seem to fill
Which is why you should look above to the one who will



There once was a young lady
She was unhappy being married
She didn’t receive much attention
Her husband didn’t learn the lesson

This is becoming all too common
Both sides tied up in drama
Not willing to make changes
Instead they want to erase the pages

They once shared a story
Now they’d rather throw away that glory
A love that was once shared
Too distracted now to make the repairs

Too focused on being happy
Instead of improving what’s crappy
Both sides to blame in such tragedy
When in the past it was nothing but harmony

Life isn’t easy, neither are relationships
If you feel that you can’t always commit
Don’t waste your time within
Because both sides will end up sufferin’

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