It’s quiet time in my heart
An unfamiliar feeling even from the start
Back in the times where memory doesn’t exist
I imagine it was still filled with bliss

Questions continue to arise
With no sense of answer in sight
My mind races intelligibly
But the rotation of this world keeps me away from assembly

Electricity seems to carry a greater power
Everyone connected to technology hour by hour
Various resources at our finger tips
Still not many thinking for themselves, just instead accept ignorance

My pulse still shows mountains to climb and valleys to fall
I’ve seen so many things, but I doubt I’ve seen them all
I’ve heard so many things, but I doubt I’ve heard enough
With each passing second there is someone out there whose life is rough

Actions are being taken causing various effects
A lone man here with so much to say, but why do so if it doesn’t protect
A predator lies in wait for its prey
However, I’ve chosen to rest in silence and pray

There’s strength in numbers, it’s no false tale
So why do we separate the togetherness to make us frail



Put us in water, we are all wet
Put us in fire, we all burn
In order to live we all need that next breath
We’re a lot alike as this world turns

Despite the segregations and stereotypes
Humans are one race, one kind
Don’t get caught up in the hype
Open your hearts and recognize the signs

We all have been born and entered in naked
We’ll all die at some point in time
We all need our vital organs to live
The facts are there without the grime

Hatred is learned and developed
Simply put, there’s no real need for it
Love can conquer all things and be felt throughout
Let it resonate within your journey to silence all doubt

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