With all the media and text you consume
The final decision of what to believe is up to you
The wisdom and intellect that gets relayed
Ultimately depends on your heart and mind’s decided pathway

Sometimes facts are presented, but plenty is unexplained
Lots of questions are formulated for us to figure out each day
Behind the layers of fear, is your conscience clear
Is this something you can accept, will you maintain self respect

Words and letters swirling like a tornado
Engulfing our thoughts sending chills down our torso
What will determine your next choice
Will you speak up and maintain your own voice

Don’t let the abundance of pressure sink you into depression
Contemplating decision after decision just leaves you left wishin’
The storm shouldn’t determine the outcome
Your presence is needed to be present in every situation

Show yourself that you care and become aware
Wake up to life and don’t imprison yourself in despair



A night’s tale
A mind that’s frail
Throwing yourself into a hidden jail

A relapse of sorts
A problem to report
Finding yourself with a breath that’s short

A falsified parade
A fallen barricade
Entrance into yet another charade

A lack of heart
A reason to start
Getting yourself together before you depart

A feeling of reason
A whole new season
To rise above your inner treason

A tear to shed
A future ahead
Obtaining your dreams before getting into bed

A whole new attitude
A moment of solitude
Embracing the grace with gratitude

A free gift situation
A love spanning all nations
The light that shines brightest through salvation

A sight of improvement
A solid movement
Your new lifestyle with Him is a true testament

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